World Affairs in the Light of Scripture

The Vatican In World Affairs: 1984-86 (lecture)

Reveals the progress the Vatican made in many countries, during these years, in seeking to gain control over them.

The Vatican In World Affairs: 1987-89 (lecture)

The Vatican’s intrigues during these years, around the world. Includes an examination of the Pope/Gorbachev meeting, the “changes” in Eastern Europe, etc. (set of 2 sermons)

The Vatican In World Affairs: 1990-92 (lecture)

Examines the role played by the Vatican in world politics during this period, on all continents. Confirms, from the evidence, that it is the Great Whore of Revelation. (set of 3 sermons)

America And The West: Judgement Is Falling

Preached a year after the awesome terrorist attack of September 11, 2001. Divine judgement is falling, and believers must discern the hand of God in this and other events. A biblical warning.

Sinn Fein/IRA Triumphant In Northern Ireland (lecture)

Shaun Willcock’s news article of the same name, read by the author and recorded in 2007 after the terrorist Sinn Fein/IRA entered into a power-sharing government in Northern Ireland.