Various Messages

Divine Guidance

set of 3 sermons

The Regulative Principle

The vital scriptural principle which is to regulate all worship and service.

Loving One’s Neighbour

A study of the second great commandment.

The Besetting Sin

A sermon based on Heb.12:1. 2.

The Devil And His Angels

A detailed study of Satan: his origin, fall, activity; Christ’s victory; what he can and cannot do; demon-possession; and much more. (Set of 9 sermons – please note: the audio of sermon 2 is distorted but does improve)

Singing Praises To The Lord

The command to sing psalms, hymns, spiritual songs examined. Purpose of singing; what to sing, and how; why instrumental music should not be part of NT congregational worship; etc. (set of 4 sermons)

Psychology: False Science, False Religion

Sweeping the world and the professing Church, psychology is here exposed as being absurd, antichristian, and dangerous. (set of 4 messages)

To Eat Or Not To Eat: Principles Of Liberty In Things Indifferent

A detailed series on the Christian’s liberty to eat all things; in the process of which many other important truths are taught: moral purity, separation, giving no offence, and much more. (set of 7 sermons)

Life In Outer Space: A Biblical Answer

The Bible makes it clear there is no intelligent life anywhere in space. So-called “UFOs” are also covered. Shows how wrong views of this subject lead to errors regarding biblical truth.

Sickness And Healing

An answer to Charismatic error. The causes of sickness; healing not part of the Atonement; the Lord sovereignly heals at times; His purposes in permitting sickness; what to do when ill; etc. (set of 2 sermons)

The Trying Of Our Faith

How God tries believers; why he does so; and what to do when tried.

Pithy Phrases Of Practical Instruction: Romans 12

A verse-by-verse study of Rom.12:9-21, a passage full of practical instruction for believers, often neglected when other parts of Romans are studied. (set of 5 sermons)

No Room For Opinions

“That’s your opinion” is something Christians hear often. But to be dogmatic about the truth is right.

The King’s Highway

A sermon based on Num.20:17. 2.

The Right Use Of Time

How Christians are to manage their time correctly.

The Mighty Men Of David

The valiant men in David’s army, and the spiritual lessons for believers today.

Is There Not A Cause

A sermon based on 1 Sam.17:29.

The World Is Watching

A sermon based on Mk.14:66-71.

The Believer’s Use Of Books

A sermon based on 2 Tim.4:13: the importance of reading; the use of heathen literature; comments on procuring Christian books; the Bible above all else.

A Sea Sermon

A sermon based on Psa.107:21-31.

The Feeding Of The Five Thousand

A sermon based on Matt.14:15-21.

Are You Vexed With The Sin Of The Wicked?

A sermon based on 2 Pet.2:6-8. 2

Help Lord: For The Godly Man Ceaseth

A sermon based on Psa.12:1.

The Lonely Race

The race the Christian is running: its start, length, obstacles, and the loneliness of it.

Upside Down And Back To Front

How men have “re-defined” sin in our day, and have rejected the scriptural definition.

The Fear And Reverence Of God

A sermon based on Psa.89:7.

The Prosperity Of The Wicked: A Mystery Explained

A study of Psalm 73.

The Christian And Recreation

The Christian And Recreation

Not Rendering Evil For Evil

Not Rendering Evil For Evil

The Right Use Of Spiritual Knowledge

Spiritual knowledge must be coupled with love; the purpose of acquiring spiritual knowledge.

Rejoice Evermore

A sermon based on 1 Thess.5:16. Reasons why Christians should always rejoice.

Standing By The Cross

A sermon based on Jn.19:25.

Walking In The Commandments And Ordinances Of The Lord

A sermon based on Lk.1:6.

The Conquest Of Jericho

A study of the Israelites’ conquest of Jericho under Joshua, and the spiritual lessons this contains for New Testament believers.

Speech With Grace

A sermon based on Col.4:6: on the speech of Christians.

The Old Paths

A sermon based on Jer.6:16: the cry today is for innovation, but believers must walk in the old paths.

Never Mind The Olympics! The Real Race

A sermon based on 1 Cor.9:24-27: the real race and fight for the Christian, preached around the time of the Olympic Games.

The Tsunami Destruction 2004

God’s judgement upon the old world; God’s judgements even now; God’s judgement in the future.

Jephthah’s Vow

Did Jephthah really vow to sacrifice his own daughter? No! What his vow really meant, and the instruction we can derive from this event.

Lessons From Job 1 And 2

What these chapters teach the Christian about faith, the Lord’s protection and care, why calamities and afflictions occur, the limits of Satan’s power, God’s sovereignty, etc.

Set for The Defence Of The Gospel

A sermon from Phil. 1:17: what the Gospel is; what it must be defended from; who must defend it; and how.

The Way Which They Call Heresy

A sermon from Acts 24:14. Why Paul’s teaching was called heresy, and why it was not heresy; throughout history the truth has been branded as heresy, and still is today.

Of Whales And Worms

A sermon about God’s sovereignty; His predestination of all things; and His providence and government over all His creation. Based on four verses from Jonah.

Be Strong And Of A Good Courage

A sermon from Joshua 1. Christ’s ministers must be strong and courageous; and all Christians must be as they face their enemies; so that they can observe God’s Word; and when they come to die.

The Help Of God’s Countenance And The Health Of Mine

A sermon from Psa. 42:5,11. God’s countenance is the believer’s help; and therefore, the believer’s countenance will be healthy in Him.

The Tabernacle

A detailed study of the Tabernacle: its materials, furniture, sacrifices, priesthood; and the typology pointing to Christ the Lord and His great work of salvation. (set of 17 sermons)

Liberalism, Neo Orthodoxy and New Evangelicalism

A detailed study of these three heresies: their origins; their false doctrines; the men and institutions which proclaim these heresies; etc.

The Kingdom of God

A study of the various aspects of this spiritual Kingdom: what it is and what it is not; what it means to preach the Gospel of the Kingdom; the King; how we enter it; etc. (set of 5 sermons)

The Conscience

What the conscience is, and does; the defiled and seared conscience; the believer’s conscience; the weak conscience; etc. (set of 3 sermons)

Children, Young Men, Fathers

A sermon based on Prov. 17:6, Prov. 20:29, and 1 Jn. 2:12-14.

Precious Promises

The Lord’s promises; they never fail; the greatest promises of all; promises pertaining to this present life; how to know which promises pertain to us; etc.

Three Things And Four

A verse-by-verse study of Prov. 30:15-31, in which, in groupings of four, many great spiritual truths are taught using earthly things: the grave; the earth; an eagle; a serpent; a fool; ants; locusts; a spider; a lion; etc., etc. (set of 4 sermons)

The Parable Of The Pounds

A verse-by-verse exposition of Lk. 19:11-27.

Romans 1 And Our Times

A verse-by-verse exposition of Rom. 1:18-32, showing how, when men turn to idolatry, God gives them up to sinful lusts. A biblical revelation of why the world is the way it is today. (set of 4 sermons)