The Roman Catholic Institution

A Christian And Biblical Perspective On Roman Catholicism

This horrifying false religious system exposed by God’s Word. An introduction to the subject.

The Doctrines Of Roman Catholicism Refuted

These sermons show how Romanism denies the central doctrines of the Christian faith: the Scriptures, God, the person and work of Christ, and salvation. (set of 4 messages)

The Ecumenical Movement

This is one of Satan’s most diabolical tricks. Christians must be made aware of this evil movement.

Liberation Theology

A biblical exposure of this satanic teaching, which is nothing less than religious Communism: the “gospel of Marx.” This heresy has spread like wildfire throughout the Third World countries. (set of 3 messages)

To Be A Bible Protestant In The 21st Century (L)

What is a Protestant? What is a Bible Protestant, as opposed to an historical Protestant? And what does it mean to be a Bible Protestant in the 21st century? An important lecture in this ecumenical and interfaith age.

Has Rome Changed?

Has Rome changed from what she used to be? Be not deceived!

The Death Of John Paul II

Preached the day after his death: as with all popes, he was the Antichrist, blasphemed the Trinity, preached an accursed false “gospel”, etc.; the blindness of Protestants who praised him.

The Protestant Reformation

2017 was the 500th anniversary of the Reformation: a brief look at what happened 500 years ago; the good that was accomplished, and also what was not good at all about the Reformation; etc. (set of 2 messages)

By The Rivers Of Babylon

A verse-by-verse study of Psa. 137, and how it applies to the Christian Church, the Christian life, believers’ threats from the Roman Papacy, etc. (set of 2 messages)