The Christian Church

The Church Of God

A detailed study of the Church. Topics covered include the nature of the Church, church membership, the independence of the local church, the officers, ordination, and much more. (set of 8 messages)

Membership In The Local Church

Who is entitled to membership in the local church? This message gives the scriptural answer.

Living Creatures And Wheels: Ezekiel 1

A verse-by-verse study of this chapter, wherein the Holy Spirit reveals much about the character and work of Gospel ministers, true churches of Christ, etc. (set of 6 messages)

Baptism: Subjects, Mode And Meaning

A study of believers’ baptism, which according to the Scriptures is to be by full immersion only. (set of 4 messages)

The Lord’s Supper

The meaning and purpose of this ordinance, and how it should be observed.

Fellowship At The Lord’s Table

Is “open communion” scriptural? No – and here are the reasons. Shows who may partake of the Lord’s Supper.

Strict Communion At The Lord’s Table

A detailed study of the doctrine of strict communion: shows who may partake of the Lord’s Supper and who may not; a neglected but very important doctrine. (set of 5 messages)

Unworthily Partaking Of The Lord’s Supper

What it means to partake unworthily, and worthily.

The Privileges And Duties of Church Membership

Membership in a sound Gospel church carries with it many privileges, but also many important duties. This series examines both. (set of 5 messages)

Singing Praises To The Lord

The command to sing psalms, hymns, spiritual songs examined. Purpose of singing; what to sing, and how; why instrumental music should not be part of NT congregational worship; etc. (set of 4 messages).

Women In The Local Church

The NT teaching forbidding women to speak, teach, or be in authority in the local church, and the reasons why.

Assembling For Worship

How to prepare for the service; when we arrive; when we are present; when we depart.

The Head Covering In Congregational Worship

A detailed study of 1 Cor.11:1-16, showing why men are to uncover their heads, and women are to cover theirs, in worship. (set of 4 messages).

Children In Family And Church Worship

How children are to behave during these times, and how Christian parents are to go about training them. A much-neglected issue in families and churches today.

The Regulative Principle

The vital scriptural principle which is to regulate all worship and service.

Agreement Between Members Of The Local Church

What there does, and does not, have to be agreement on, in a local church. (set of 2 messages)

Biblical Church Discipline

An often-neglected but very necessary subject. Covers such matters as when discipline should be exercised, and precisely how. (set of 4 messages)

Fellowship Between Christians And Churches

Fellowship is important, but not at the expense of truth. Scriptural guidelines on this matter. (set of 4 messages)

Church And State

A detailed examination of the relationship between the Church and the State. Many historical facts brought to light. (set of 2 messages)

Zion, City Of God

A verse-by-verse exposition of Psalm 87: the city of God and its citizens, which is a picture of the Church of God, and believers in the Lord Jesus Christ.


An in-depth study of revival: what true revival is; revivals in the Old and New Testaments; revivals in Church history; the means the Lord uses in revival; misconceptions about revival; etc. (set of 10 messages)

The Footsteps Of The Flock

A seminar giving a panoramic overview of twenty centuries of Church History, tracing the footsteps of Christ’s true flock. The thrilling and moving story of how Christ has built His Church. (set of 3 messages)

Lessons From Two Fishing Expeditions

A sermon from Lk. 5:1-11 and Jn. 21:1-14: these two fishing expeditions teach the biblical truths of the Church militant on earth and the Church triumphant in heaven.

Walk About Zion

A sermon from Psa. 48:12-14, to encourage believers in this day of small things. Take a careful survey of the true Church, its strength, security, etc., so as to be encouraged.

Repairing The Walls: Labouring For The Lord

A sermon from Neh. 3 and 4: spiritual lessons about building up the Church.

A Tender Twig Planted On A High Mountain

From Ezek. 17:22-24, a beautiful prophecy of Christ, and His Church.

The Church In A Time Of Decline

A verse-by-verse study of Psalm 44. The Church in our time: small and scattered local churches, seemingly overcome by their foes. But only seemingly! (set of 2 messages)

The State of Things Now

The terrible state of the professing “church” today, and the decline of true churches. How believers must approach these matters.

By The Rivers Of Babylon

A verse-by-verse study of Psa. 137, and how it applies to the Christian Church, the Christian life, believers’ threats from the Roman Papacy, etc. (set of 2 messages)