Social Issues and Sins Accepted in Society, etc.

(How the Christian should biblically analyse, and respond to, what occurs in the society in which he lives)

Racial Conflict And Christianity

Racial conflict is a worldwide problem. What does the Bible have to say about it? An important subject in our day. This series deals with the origin of the earth’s people groups after the flood, etc. (set of 6 sermons)

The Christian And Politics

Should Christians ever get involved in politics? Under certain conditions, yes. A detailed examination of this subject. (set of two sermons)

The Abortion Holocaust

Teaches what the Bible says about the sin of abortion; when life begins; scientific facts support Scripture; why abortion is being pushed in the world today; and what the true mission of Christians is. (set of 3 sermons)

The Christian And War

Is it permissible for a Christian to be a soldier? Here is the biblical answer.

The Christian And Self Defence

Is self-defence forbidden, or permitted? This little-understood subject examined.

The Christians Response When Violence And Wickedness Abounds

Preparing For Social Crises

The need for Christians to be prepared for troubles ahead; biblical principles, and practical steps to take.

Assisted Murder: So-called “Euthanasia”

Teaches what the Bible says about this sin; how Nazi ideology is now accepted in society; the evil motivations behind it; a rejection of life and the Giver of life.

Abortion: Descending From One Horror To Another

The descent of legalised abortion from one horror to another, revealing  man’s total depravity; a sequel to THE ABORTION HOLOCAUST series. (set of 2 sermons)