The Doctrine Of Election

This glorious doctrine carefully expounded, in detail. Total depravity; unconditional election; limited atonement; irresistible grace; the perseverance of the saints. (set of 11 messages)

Election And Reprobation In Romans 9

These two vital doctrines as set out in this amazing chapter.

Election And Holiness

(English/Spanish sermon)
The vital relationship between election and a life of holiness.
(Recording quality somewhat poor).

The Elect Typified By Barabbas

Christ died for some (the elect), but not for all men.

For Whom Did Christ Die?

Christ loved, and died for, the elect – not for all men. The doctrine of Particular Redemption, or Limited Atonement.

Christ Redeeming His Brethren

The wonderful doctrine of redemption by Christ, drawn out of Psa. 49:6-10: the meaning of redemption; the inability of any but Christ to redeem; etc.

What Is Regeneration?

The popular, but false, concept of regeneration exposed, and the biblical teaching stated.

Two Ways Men Are Brought To Repentance

How the Lord uses His Word, and afflictions, to bring men to repentance for their sins.

Justification In The Epistle To The Romans

A series of sermons on justification by faith, from a verse-by-verse study of the subject in Romans. (set of 11 messages)


Justification by faith is the heart of the Gospel. What it is; who is justified, and when; how one is justified; effects.

The Evidence Of True Conversion

Multitudes are claiming to be Christians, but the true believer gives evidence that he is converted. Will remove much confusion. (set of 2 messages)

Salvation Through Sanctification

2 Thess.2:13: “chosen to salvation through sanctification of the Spirit”. The elect are chosen to be holy. Without holiness no man shall see the Lord.

Jehovah-Jireh: Abraham’s Offering On Mount Moriah

Gen.22:1-14. In addition to showing what true faith is, this message shows how Abraham’s act wonderfully typified Jn.3:16: “For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son.”

Infants And Salvation

What happens to children dying in infancy? The purpose of this sermon is to examine as much as the Bible reveals.

Declaring The Lord’s Dealings With Your Soul

Assurance Of Salvation

Showing Faith By Works

A sermon based on Jas.2:18.

The Work Of Faith

A sermon based on 2 Thess.1:11 and 1 Thess.1:3: what faith is; the work of faith; what faith works by.

Biblical Terminology

Various biblical terms explained: predestination, election, foreknowledge, propitiation, atonement, reconciliation, remission, redemption, righteousness, regeneration, conversion, justification, salvation, etc. (set of 6 messages)

The Essence And Simplicity Of The Gospel

The danger of smothering its essence and simplicity under the weight of other things; we must, as little children, always be thrilled with the good news of salvation by a crucified Saviour.

The Covenants: The Covenant Of Grace

The eternal Covenant of Grace between the Father, Son and Holy Spirit concerning the salvation of the elect is a glorious doctrine, of immense benefit and comfort to the believer. (set of 7 messages)

The Covenants: The Covenant Of Works

The covenant made with Adam in his innocence: which covenant he broke, plunging mankind into misery. (set of 2 messages)

The Covenants: The Covenant In Eden

The covenant made after Adam fell. This and the following “subordinate covenants” reveal various aspects of the glorious Covenant of Grace.

The Covenants: The Noahic Covenant

The covenant made with Noah. Reveals various aspects of the glorious Covenant of Grace. (set of 2 messages)

The Covenants: The Abrahamic Covenant

The covenant made with Abraham. Reveals various aspects of the glorious Covenant of Grace. (set of 6 messages)

The Covenants: The Sinaitic Covenant

The covenant made with Israel at Mt Sinai. Reveals various aspects of the glorious Covenant of Grace. (set of 3 messages)

The Covenants: The Davidic Covenant

The covenant made with David. Reveals various aspects of the glorious Covenant of Grace. (set of 6 messages)

The Covenants: The New Covenant

This glorious covenant is the new administration of the eternal Covenant of Grace. (set of 7 messages)

Pharaoh’s Daughter Brought Into The City Of David

The doctrines of election and irresistible grace illustrated in the account of Solomon taking an Egyptian wife.

A Little Maid’s Word

The young girl who directed her heathen master to God’s prophet for the good of his body and soul. Illustrates the truth of Rom. 8:28 and teaches predestination and election.

God’s Gentleness Makes His People Great

A sermon based on Psa. 18:35. The Lord’s gentleness in saving His people.

A Dead Dog And A King

A sermon from 2 Sam.9, in which elect sinners are typified

The Cleft Of The Rock

A sermon from Exod. 33:18-23: divine sovereignty in salvation; Christ the cleft Rock, in whom God places His elect. The grace and beauty of salvation.

Set For The Defence Of The Gospel

A sermon from Phil. 1:17: what the Gospel is; what it must be defended from; who must defend it; and how.