The Promise Of Persecution

2 Tim.3:12 – all that will live godly in Christ Jesus shall suffer persecution.


A verse-by-verse exposition of Matt.10:16-39. The cost of following Christ; persecution by religious men; by family members; “fear not”; confessing Christ; etc. (set of 3 sermons)

Serving The Lord In Times Of Persecution

Lessons from the book of Acts about how Christians are to serve the Lord in such times. A detailed study, much needed today by believers, including in once-safe parts of the world. (set of 7 sermons)

The Reproach Of Christ

The Lord Jesus Christ suffered “without the camp,” and so will His people.

None Of These Things Move Me

A sermon from Acts 20:22-24: we should not be moved from Christ, our faithfulness, etc., by the fear of death, manner of dying, loss of all things in this life, reproach of men, etc.

False Religions And Furious Riots

From Acts 17, 18, 19, we see that we must preach so that people are stirred to the depths of their souls; our message should condemn false religion, even though it offends.