God: Father, Son And Holy Spirit

Gen. 3:15 – The Seed Of The Woman

The first prophecy of Christ in Scripture, examined carefully.

The Resurrection Of The Lord Jesus Christ, 7-part series

A detailed study of the glorious resurrection of the Lord: how it fulfilled Old Testament types and prophecies; the body He rose in; the wonderful evidences for His resurrection; why it is essential to our faith; and more. (set of 7 messages)

When Jesus Died

The meaning and significance of the miraculous events which occurred when the Lord Jesus died. The Father’s testimony to the Son.

Christ In Psalm 22, 6-part series

A verse-by-verse study of Psalm 22, which is all about the sufferings of the Lord Christ: His very thoughts and words while on the cross, given prophetically centuries before by David. (set of 6 messages)

Christ Our Passover, 2-part series

A detailed verse-by-verse study of Exodus 12: the Passover. Christ is the centre of it. (set of 2 messages)

Christ The Word Made Flesh, 5-part series

A detailed verse-by-verse study of the beautiful passage of John.1:1-18, which reveals the Lord Christ as GOD manifest in the flesh: the eternal Son. (set of 5 messages)

The Mystery Of Godliness

A sermon based on 1 Tim.3:16: “God was manifest in the flesh”, etc. A lovely portion of Scripture, full of precious doctrinal truth.

The Eternal Sonship of Christ

This wonderful, soul-thrilling but sadly neglected doctrine expounded: that Christ was the only begotten Son of the Father from all eternity. The importance and preciousness of it cannot be emphasised enough. (set of 5 messages).

The Blasphemy Against The Holy Spirit

An in-depth series of sermons on this misunderstood subject: what the sin is, who commits it, etc. (set of 4 messages)

A Tender Twig Planted On A High Mountain

From Ezek. 17:22-24, a beautiful prophecy of Christ, and His Church.

The Person And Work Of The Holy Spirit: John 14 – 16, 5-part series

A detailed study of all the verses in Jn.14-16 concerning God the Holy Spirit. A proper, scriptural understanding about the Spirit of God is vital. His greatest ministry is to exalt the Son! (set of 5 messages)

Jehovah-Jireh: Abraham’s Offering On Mount Moriah

Gen.22:1-14. In addition to showing what true faith is, this message shows how Abraham’s act wonderfully typified Jn.3:16: “For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son.”

He Is Precious

A sermon based on 1 Pet.2:7. Christ is precious to the believer, more so than anyone or anything; He is the Pearl of great price.

“Whom Say Ye That I Am?”

The difference between merely assenting to what others say about Christ, and the Father’s revelation of Him to the soul, as He was revealed to Peter.

Christ The Desire Of All Nations

Based on Haggai 2:6,7, and preached on the last Lord’s day before the start of the year 2000 AD: what the prophet meant in saying that Christ is the Desire of all nations.

Four Witnesses To The Lord Jesus Christ

John the Baptist, Christ’s own works, God the Father, the Holy Scriptures: four utterly reliable witnesses to the truth that Jesus is the Christ, the Son of God, all found in Jn.5:31-39.

The Brook Cedron

A sermon on Jn.18:1 and 2 Sam.15:23: David the type, Christ the antitype: His sufferings, death, and victory.

A Greater Than Solomon

Christ typified in the account of Solomon and the queen of Sheba.

Pictures Of Christ

Why it is contrary to God’s Word to depict the Lord Christ in pictures or films.

The Holy Trinity, 4-part series

The doctrine of the Trinity: one God in three Persons, as revealed in the New Testament. A detailed study. (Set of 4 messages).