False Teachers

Billy Graham: Serving the Papal Antichrist (lecture)

An exposure of the false doctrines and ungodly conduct of Billy Graham: his relationship with Romanism, Communism, the WCC, etc. (2 lecture series)

Alberto Rivera: A False Brother (lecture)

He claimed to be an “ex-Jesuit priest converted to Christ.” But his conduct since professing “conversion” revealed him to be a “false brother.”

NOTE: since this message was given, much evidence has come to light showing that he was never a Jesuit either.

This package of photocopied documentation, compiled by Donald R. Blanton, provides solid evidence that Alberto Rivera was a fraud and deceiver, and was never a Jesuit priest. This evidence consists of firsthand accounts of people who worked with Rivera, copies of court records showing he made fraudulent loans and swindled money, etc. Price of documentation package: $15.00 (request price in UK sterling).

William Branham: Heretic And Hoaxer (lecture)

A Pentecostal deceiver, under occult influences, a preacher of damnable and obscene heresy. An exposure of his life and teaching. (3 lecture series)