Death and the Life Hereafter

Between Death And The Resurrection

What the Bible reveals about death; where the spirits of believers and unbelievers go at death; and much more. (set of 3 sermons)

Heaven and Hell

What is heaven like? Shall we know one another in heaven? These and other matters covered, in this study of the glorious final home of all Christians. (set of 5 sermons)

Are You Prepared To Die

How Christians must be prepared for death.

God’s Gentleness Makes His People Great

A sermon based on Psa. 18:35. The Lord’s gentleness in saving His people.

None Of These Things Move Me

A sermon from Acts 20:22-24: we should not be moved from Christ, our faithfulness, etc., by the fear of death, manner of dying, loss of all things in this life, reproach of men, etc.