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QUALITY: Since most of the messages are recorded during services, the quality may not always be absolutely perfect, although most are very clear.

NOTE: where a title is followed by the letter “L,” this means that this particular message is a lecture or an office study, and not a sermon (although based squarely upon scriptural truth), containing important factual information in the light of the Word of God, and/or in support of the Word of God.

Please Note: these are recordings of sermons and lectures preached over a period of many years. Listeners will note some changes, on certain points, between earlier and later sermons; and this is natural. All Christians – including ministers of the Word – are constantly growing in their understanding of God’s Word.
We agree wholeheartedly with these words of Arthur Pink: “If any man think that he knoweth any thing, he knoweth nothing yet as he ought to know (1 Cor.8:2). To the very end of his earthly pilgrimage the best instructed Christian has reason to pray, ‘that which I see not teach thou me’ (Job 34:32). Even the theologian and the Bible-teacher is but a learner and, like all his companions in the school of Christ, acquires his knowledge of the truth gradually – ‘here a little, there a little’ (Isa.28:10). He too advances slowly, as one great theme after another is studied by him and opened up to him, requiring him to revise or correct his earlier apprehensions and adjust his views on other portions of the truth, as fuller light is granted him on any one branch thereof… Like the rising of the sun, spiritual light breaks forth upon both preacher and hearer by degrees… in a second or third edition of his works he finds it necessary to correct or at least modify some of his original statements. Certainly this writer is no exception. Were he to re-write today some of his earlier articles and pieces, he would make a number of changes in them.”
Unlike books, it is of course impossible to bring out a new “edition” of a recorded sermon!  There is, however, no reason to discontinue distributing a recorded sermon simply because of one or two minor statements which, the Lord having granted further light since the message was preached, would not be made today.  We request that the listener take note of the date the sermon was preached, and bears in  mind that preachers, too, are growing in understanding.
Messages which were once listed in this catalogue, but which are no longer listed here, either do not adequately reflect the present position of the preacher on the subject, or have been replaced by better messages on that subject.

As there are so many recorded sermons, they are divided into various categories, for convenience; these are listed in the menu on the left. Simply click on any category, and all messages in that category will be displayed. Or, follow the links below for each category. Each sermon appears as an MP3 recording available for download.

The Bible
God: Father, Son and Holy Spirit
Christ in the Book of Isaiah
Creation and Earth’s Early History
The Christian Church
The Roman Catholic Institution
Sanctification, Separation, etc.
The Law of God
Marriage and the Family
Festivals and “Days”
Money, Possessions, etc.
Civil Authority
Social Issues, etc.
Death and the Life Hereafter
Bible Prophecy
The Charismatic Movement
False Teachers
Evangelistic Messages
World Affairs in the Light of Scripture
Books and Characters of the Bible
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