Separation From False Churches

The False Churches from Which True Christians Must Separate


  The very first false church from which true Christians must always remain separate is the Roman Catholic institution: Rev. 17:1-5.

  This is the largest false church in the world.  It is also the most wicked.  For its entire long history it has been the greatest enemy of the true Church that has ever existed.  Through the centuries it has been the greatest enemy of the true Church that has ever existed.  It has persecuted the saints of God, destroyed the Bible, and today it hates them just as much as it ever did – only now it pretends to be their friend.

  Romanism is filled with false doctrine: Mary worship, the worship of so-called saints and angels and relics, salvation by works, purgatory, baptismal regeneration, confession of sins to a mere man, and so much more.  It is full of all kinds of abominations.  It is nothing but the old paganism of Babylon in a supposedly “Christian” dress; and it has murdered millions of true Christians through the centuries.

  Every saint of God should keep absolutely separate from this spiritual Babylon.  Come away from it entirely, as Rev. 18:4 says!

  If a Christian joins in spiritual fellowship with Roman Catholics; if he worships with them, prays with them, etc., he is committing great sin against the Lord.  Romanism is a temple of idols (2 Cor. 6:16).  Those who love the Lord are to flee from all idolatry, to come out from among all idol-worshippers, and be separate.   The Papists’ worship is heathen worship. Their “christ” is a false “christ”.  Their “church” is a harlot, not the virgin bride of Christ.

  But Rev. 17:5 shows that the Roman Harlot has daughters! “And upon her forehead was a name written, MYSTERY, BABYLON THE GREAT, THE MOTHER OF HARLOTS AND ABOMINATIONS OF THE EARTH.”  She has given birth to other false churches, which copy their mother in many of her evil ways.  And we must separate from these as well!

  Now within some of these daughter institutions there may at times be some true Christians, who are there out of ignorance.  No true Christian believes the doctrinal errors and sinful practices of these institutions.  But it is possible for some, particularly those who are newly converted and thus “babes” in Christ, to be found associating with them, for a time, out of ignorance about the true nature of these false churches.  Be it noted, such a believer is not one with them.  But being ignorant of their errors, not being properly taught or warned, he might for a time attend their services, etc.  Especially is this so when the errors are of a more subtle nature.  He should not be there!  He must be exhorted to leave, and shown why.  He must “come out” of these false religious institutions, and be separate.


  Two of Rome’s daughters are the Anglican and Lutheran institutions.  They retained many of the false teachings and heresies of Rome.  To mention a very glaring heresy, and a damnable one at that, both these institutions teach the heresy of baptismal regeneration.  Even if there was nothing else, this would disqualify them from being true Christian churches.  This is the belief that when a person, even a child, is “baptized”, he becomes a child of God, regenerated, his sins washed away, a Christian!  This lie from the pit of hell has led untold millions into a Christless eternity.

  How then can Anglicanism or Lutheranism be Christian?  It is impossible.  We must have nothing to do with them.  It does not matter what good there may be in them as well, or what they may have taught at one time which was biblical.  The fact is that they teach a baby becomes a child of God at baptism.  And no Christian church ever teaches such a damnable heresy.

  Much could also be said about their ungodly practices, their acceptance of vile sins and of those who commit them.  These are abominable daughters of Rome indeed.


  We must also remain completely separate from all ecumenical institutions, i.e. all those “churches” – it does not matter what denomination they belong to – which are in fellowship with the Roman Catholic system; or with the World Council of Churches, or any of its local branches; or which have joined other ecumenical organisations; or with any which in any way teach and proclaim that it is God’s will for all so-called “churches” to come together; to unite.  As we have seen, this is never God’s will.  For then true Christians would be in fellowship with all kinds of evil, Christ-denying, Bible-denying men and women.

  We cannot support the Ecumenical Movement in any way whatsoever. It is an abomination before God. It must be shunned for the evil that it is.


  We must also remain completely separate from all liberal institutions.  In religious matters, liberals are people who are “open-minded”.  They criticise true believers for being too “narrow-minded”, too strict, and for being Bible-believers!  They do not believe the Bible is the completed Word of God; they do not believe Christ is the only way to the Father; they hardly ever believe in hell; they reject salvation by grace through faith; they question the Trinity; they believe the church should be involved in supporting the overthrow of governments, even by violent means; they are ecumenical; they indulge in all kinds of things which the Bible calls sinful; they have no problem with people changing what the Bible says, or re-interpreting it to suit modern trends (such as feminism, homosexuality, etc.); etc.

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