The Year They Shut Down the World


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Within a matter of weeks in March 2020, the world changed.  The coronavirus, or COVID-19, spread around the world, governments reacted with lightning speed, and the lives of the world’s citizens were turned upside down.  There was never any need to shut down the world.  It was a massive over-reaction, but it was a very deliberate one.  There was something going on behind the scenes.  Something very organised and sinister.  It was never about containing the virus.  That was merely the excuse.  It was about global people-control.  It was a major opportunity to advance the so-called New World Order.   

The lockdowns all over the world would prove to be far, far more serious than the virus itself could ever possibly be.  International Communism is a far more dangerous threat than any coronavirus – and Communism made huge gains worldwide as a result of the panic.  The world that would emerge on the other side of the lockdowns would be a world with far less freedom; a world with far more State control (Communism) over nations and people than ever before.

This book analyses the role of the Jesuits, the Communists and other internationalists in advancing the New World Order, by causing panic and hysteria through the controlled media, and by shutting down the world; provides a wealth of information from medical and scientific experts who saw through the lies and propaganda but whose voices were ignored; teaches what the Bible says about how Christians should respond to such events; and refutes the sensationalist attempts to falsely connect the development of a vaccine to Bible prophecy about the mark of the Beast.