The Prophecies Of Daniel


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In any study of Bible prophecy relating to the Gospel age, it is absolutely essential to start with the prophecies of Daniel, for they are foundational to many of the prophecies of the New Testament; and without a proper and thorough understanding of Daniel’s prophecies, one simply cannot properly interpret and understand those of the New Testament.

These prophecies speak of great, momentous and sweeping events, covering centuries of time: of empires rising and falling; of the time of the Messiah; and of the Gospel period, right up to the end of the world!  They are of extreme importance to every Christian.  But they are not always easy to be understood; and Jesus Himself spoke of the need for carefully studying them so as to properly understand them (Matt. 24:15).  As the Christian does so, he will find them to be of immense edification.  They are the distinct and specific words of the living and true God, the sovereign Lord’s own revelation of the future.  And they were precisely fulfilled through the ages.

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