The Jesuits: The Secret Army Of The Papacy


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The New Testament abounds with warnings of wolves in sheep’s clothing: men pretending to be part of Christ’s flock, but in reality ministers of Satan pretending to be ministers of righteousness, infiltrating the churches of Christ and bent on destroying them.

For centuries a ruthless, cunning, secret army has served the global conquest objectives of the Roman Papacy: the Jesuit Order.  This is the most diabolical of all Roman Catholic orders; the most fanatical, the most dangerous.  It stops at nothing in the relentless pursuit of its goal: to destroy all enemies of the Papacy.  History is filled with evidence of Jesuit intrigue, deception, duplicity, plots, murders, etc.  And against Protestantism, in particular, the Jesuits have always directed their energies, by infiltration of Protestant churches, posing as Protestant ministers, undermining the true faith, etc. The shocking state of professing Protestant “Christendom” is ample testimony that they have been all too successful.

This is a time when so little is known of the Jesuits, and yet so much needs to be known.  And this is the purpose of this book.