The Antichrist


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Contrary to popular modern belief, the Antichrist of Bible prophecy will not be a single individual at the end of the world. He is neither some charismatic politician, nor some great religious leader yet to arise. He will not be an adherent of Judaism, and he will not be a Muslim. He claims to take Christ’s place on earth. His very title, Vicar of Christ, has this meaning. No Muslim, no Jew, and no atheist does such a thing.

The evidence, both biblical and historical, is rock solid and overwhelming. The Antichrist is the pope of Rome; he is every pope of Rome; he is only the pope of Rome.

His identifying marks, as found in God’s Word, apply to no other in all of history; which is why this has been the united testimony of the Lord’s saints in all ages. When his identity was well known among biblical Protestants, a powerful witness against Popery was maintained; but as various speculative theories about the identity of the Antichrist began to emerge, this witness was greatly weakened and even silenced, ecumenism advanced by leaps and bounds, and the Antichrist himself came to be accepted by millions as the world’s greatest Christian. The damage done was incalculable. What a need there is in our day for all faithful men of God, and indeed all true Christians in general, to be well grounded in this great truth as their forefathers in the faith were, and to proclaim it with conviction and boldness!