Jesuit Hollywood


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This book demonstrates, with a wealth of evidence, the way in which the Roman Catholic institution, the world’s most powerful religio-political system, pursues its objective of world conquest by seeking to harness and make use of the most powerful entertainment medium the world has ever known: the movie industry.

During its so-called “Golden Age”, Hollywood was extremely pro-Roman Catholic, with the content of movies being controlled, not by the Jewish studio owners, but by Jesuits and their henchmen.  But another sinister influence was at work in Hollywood as well: Communism.  And in the process of time this began to displace the Roman Catholic domination.  The Jesuits then deliberately changed tactics, and began to support the kind of movies they had once opposed.

A proper understanding of these two very different Jesuit approaches to the movie industry – the first being direct control, and the second being the exerting of indirect influence – is the only way to properly understand how Hollywood has played such a huge role in the collapse of the morals of the West.

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