Alberto Rivera: The True Story


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by Roy Livesey (Edited by Shaun Willcock)

This book is a devastating and unanswerable blow to the false claims of Alberto Rivera, one of the greatest religious deceivers of modern times, indeed of all time. The author travelled extensively to conduct his research, accumulating a massive amount of documented information. The result is this definitive exposé of a master deceiver, manipulator, liar and fraud.

Alberto Rivera died in 1997. But considering how many multiplied millions of the Chick comic books bearing Rivera’s false testimony are in circulation all over the world, and are still being published, his influence will be felt for a very, very long time to come. This book will be sorely needed as long as the extraordinary myth of “Dr Alberto Rivera, ex-Jesuit,” circulates. For myth it certainly is. Yes, there was a man named Alberto Rivera; but he was never a “doctor” of any sort, he was never a Jesuit priest, and he was never truly converted to Christ. He was a con-man of the first order. Here is the evidence.

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