How to Analyse the Media, and Which Sources to Trust

6. Be Aware of the Internet’s Weaknesses

  When it comes to the internet, not all alternative sources of information are created equal.

  Even with regards to alternative sources of information, never forget the old saying: don’t believe everything you read in the paper.  It is absolutely true, except that it must be expanded: don’t believe everything you read in the newspaper, or on the internet. 

  It is astounding how gullible people are when it comes to researching things on the internet.  Most seem to believe that if someone has a website or a blog and opposes the mainstream media, he must be a reliable source.  This is naive in the extreme.  The fact is that anyone, today, can create a website and disseminate “information”.  But the vast majority do not have the foggiest idea what they are talking about.  Yes, and this goes for so-called “conservative” sites as well, and so-called “evangelical” ones! 

  We live in the age of the “instant expert”, but true experts, knowledgeable and discerning, are extremely rare.  Just because a man is able to navigate his way around a keyboard and string sentences together, does not mean he knows what he is doing when it comes to “the news behind the news”, the real story, the hidden agenda, the true facts.  Research is a discipline.  It is time-consuming, and most people have neither the time, nor the wisdom, to do it properly.  Not every Tom, Dick or Harry who sinks into an armchair with a laptop in front of him to add to his blog or website actually has anything worthwhile to say.  One wonders if people even realise that they are so often following nothing more than the private thoughts and personal pet theories of someone who produces no real evidence, presents no verifiable facts, and therefore serves no worthwhile purpose online and should be shunned!

  The internet is literally riddled with junk.  And all too many Christians waste precious hours online, trawling through sites which claim all kinds of government conspiracies but which produce absolutely no real, solid evidence.  Whether it is the more bizarre and crackpot claims, such as that alien corpses are lying in a secret lab somewhere, or demonic reptilian forces are assuming human shapes and controlling governments, or whether it is more believable but just as useless – Christians should not be wasting their time on these things.  There is a global conspiracy, and the Bible tells us where it emanates from: the city on seven hills (Revelation 17).  This we must know, and know well, and anything related to it we need to know as well, for we must not be ignorant of the devil’s devices (2 Cor. 2:11).  But beyond what the Bible warns us about or tells us to know about, there is nothing we need to learn from these “way-out-there” sites.  Shun them!  It is not “redeeming the time” (Eph. 5:15,16) to read them or soak up their theories, it is not profitable in any way, and in fact it is another one of the devil’s tricks to sidetrack believers, getting them all steamed up over irrelevant matters.

7. Educate Yourself and Your Family: Read!

  This is absolutely essential.  Quit relying solely on the idiot box for your information, or on newspapers, or on stupid radio talk shows that are full of sound and fury but signify nothing.  Become a voracious reader of books.  A voracious reader, yes, but not an omnivorous reader!  Omnivorous readers read anything and everything, and think they are well educated.  No, it only means that they have little or no discernment.  Voracious, but discerning, is what you must be.  Choose carefully.  Choose wisely.  Read books providing real, solid information and knowledge.  Build up a personal library; don’t rely on the local town library.  Read and re-read the really good books.  Above all, read sound Christian literature.  And cultivate a love of reading in your children, and the discernment to read what is truly valuable and worthwhile.

  Most people today do not read.  Oh, they may scan a newspaper, or read trashy novels and magazines; but they do not read non-fiction.   Whereas earlier generations spent their leisure time reading, people today foolishly watch TV or play on their computers and phones.  As a result they are open to indoctrination, and the powers that be have turned most of the citizens of western countries into compliant robots for the State.  They are fed a constant diet of liberal/Socialist/secular humanist/Jesuitical propaganda, and they cannot think for themselves.  The average person today cannot focus, mentally, for long periods of time.  Nor can they reason or discern.  A century ago people read more and were therefore far better informed than people today, despite all their technological advantages.


  May these brief directions enable you, Christian reader, to discern between true and false information, and reliable and unreliable sources of information, so that you will not be led astray by the clamour of many voices, all claiming to be presenting “the truth” and yet most of them presenting the very opposite of truth, or only partial truth, with the deliberate intention to deceive you, confuse you, mislead you, and indoctrinate you; so that you will think and act just as the evil powers who operate in the shadows and pull the strings want all the robotic masses of the human race to do: to surrender your ability to think, to discern, to reason.  Be aware of the world you live in, and the people who are the real powers behind the scenes.  You are in a war.  It is a global war, and it is a war for the mind and heart.  It is a war the people of this world are losing.  Indeed, most have lost it already.  They have succumbed.  Arm yourself with the Word of truth, and be very, very discerning.  Do not be deceived.  Take heed!

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