How to Analyse the Media, and Which Sources to Trust

4. Always Distrust Information Emanating from Within the Historic Communist Countries’ Media

    I say the “historic” Communist countries – Russia pre-eminently, but others as well – firstly because many of them, deliberately, no longer call themselves Communist or Socialist, and secondly so as to differentiate them from those western countries which have succumbed to the newer version of Socialism/Communism, going by another name (often with the word “democratic” in it), which has conquered these countries without their citizens even being aware of it.  The fact is that the majority of the historic Communist countries are still Communist.  If you believe that Communism fell in the early 1990s when the Soviet Union supposedly “collapsed”, you have fallen for the lie that the globalist elites, the one-worlders, the international Socialist/Marxist insiders – call them what you will – wanted you to believe.  Communism did not die, neither in Russia nor in most of the other countries of the old Eastern bloc.  It was all a gigantic smokescreen to fool the people of the West, to make them lower their guard and begin to embrace creeping Socialism in their own countries.  And it worked.  It has happened.  It was all part of the conspiracy; of the plan.

  Today there are those who have fallen for another lie, one which proceeds from the previous one: that Russia has become conservative, and that it is even starting to promote “Christianity” and Christian morality.  This is absolutely, utterly false.  It is bad enough that so many in the world now believe this, but when professing Christians do as well, then this is real evidence for the shocking and widespread lack of any real discernment.  It reveals that the globalists, the insiders, the one-world conspirators have succeeded in indoctrinating almost everyone, even the multitudes sitting in church buildings every week.  Russia is still what it always was.  The renamed KGB still calls the shots.  Communists are masters of disinformation.

5. Obtain Information from Reliable, Knowledgeable, Alternative Media Sources

  This is very necessary.  But what is a reliable source?  And how may we know?

  A reliable source will reject the “official” version emanating from the mainstream media, and look “behind the scenes”, researching the story that has not been told.  This is not the sole indicator of a reliable source, by any means, for there are a great many charlatans out there; but any source which does not reject the “official”, establishment version of events and dig deeper “behind the scenes” to uncover the truth, is certainly not to be considered reliable!

  Obviously, the very best and most reliable sources will be specifically and truly Christian.  But these are few and far between these days.  Often, other good reliable sources, although not truly Christian, will at least come from within what we may call the historic Protestant worldview.  In this case, they will at least have been influenced by the moral and ethical culture which Protestantism once promoted, and which was based on the Bible.  And therefore they will seek to tell the truth, will have an externally moral outlook and approach, and will oppose the Socialist/Marxist and secular humanist worldview and agenda in its various branches.  It is usually too much to expect that in this ecumenical day and age, they will also see through and oppose Romanism/Jesuitism, but one lives in hope.

  Generally, these sources will be conservative in politics, economics, etc., although there are even a few liberal sources which oppose various aspects of what the elite, the insiders, the conspirators behind the scenes, are up to, even though they subscribe to much of it.  For example, a particular author may be a card-carrying liberal, and yet be firmly opposed to the radical environmentalist agenda even though it, too, is very much a part of the liberal agenda globally.  And certain liberal sources are vehemently in favour of the free market and opposed to Socialism, even though in matters of morality, say, and so-called “human rights”, they are decidedly liberal.  Now such sources may be useful for certain information on certain topics, provided one has a very clear understanding of “where they are coming from”, ideologically, and never loses sight of their ideological bias. 


  Also, be aware that just because a source is conservative, and just because most reliable alternative sources of information will be conservative, it does not automatically mean that a particular conservative source is to be trusted!  It doesn’t matter how “conservative” a Roman Catholic author or journalist may appear to be, for example – he may have accurate, reliable information on various topics, but one must never lose sight of the fact that he is a Roman Catholic first and foremost and this will always taint everything he says or writes.  Far too many professing Christians fall for this devilish trick, paying careful heed to what “conservative” Papists say.  This is the height of foolishness.  The Papacy is a master manipulator of the truth, especially via its Jesuit Order, and the Jesuits have men on both sides of the divide, conservative and liberal, who appear to oppose one another.  But this is only for appearances.  Like the Communists, only with far more experience, the Jesuits are masters at disinformation.