Morning Prayer
(The vital importance of setting aside time every morning for prayer)
Morning Prayer, Microsoft Word format
Morning Prayer, Rich Text format

Adam And Eve
Adam And Eve
(The literal truth of the account of the creation of Adam and Eve)

The Term “Protestant”
(In what sense are true Christians Protestants?)
The term Protestant, Microsoft Word format
The term Protestant, Rich Text format

Digital Technology: Its Use and Abuse
Digital Technology: Its Use And Abuse

(Striking the proper balance regarding the use of computer, tablets, smartphones, the internet, Facebook,, etc.: a warning to Christians, and to Christian parents)

How to Analyse the Media, and Which Sources to Trust
How to Analyse the Media, and Which Sources to Trust
(How to sort out the true from the false in the media, and how to lay hands on reliable sources of information. Extremely important matters for the Christian today)

The Way Which They Call Heresy
The Way Which They Call Heresy
(Why Paul’s teaching was called heresy, and why it was NOT heresy; throughout history the truth has been branded as heresy, and still is today, by the Roman Catholic institution and by the various “Protestant” institutions which copy Rome)


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