The Tragedy of Feminism

The Tragedy of Feminism, PDF format

The Bible teaches that women are equal to men as human beings, albeit with different roles to play in the home and in society, and with different strengths.  Man, having been made physically stronger than woman by God the Creator, has been made by Him to be the provider and the protector.  To Christian husbands the Lord commands: “giving honour unto the wife, as unto the weaker vessel, and as being heirs together of the grace of life” (1 Pet. 3:7); and, “Husbands, love your wives, even as Christ also loved the church, and gave himself for it…. So ought men to love their wives as their own bodies” (Eph. 5:25-28).  No man, who loves the Lord and His Word, would wish to treat a woman with contempt, or abuse her.  Women should be treated with respect and gentleness by men.

In heathen societies untouched by Gospel influence to any great degree, women have always been, and still are, treated with contempt, as virtual slaves, existing merely for the service and pleasure of men, without equality before the law, possessions to be owned rather than precious human beings to be treasured.  It was, in fact, only the influence of Christianity in certain societies that elevated the status of women, and moved men to treat them with proper respect, and true kindness and love.  This can be seen in the gentlemanly attitude of men to women in those countries deeply influenced by Christianity in the past — the western Protestant countries.  In such lands, women were viewed as weaker human beings, who should be protected and treated with courtesy and kindness.  This produced the kind of manners that once characterised men in much of western society: standing up when a woman entered the room, opening the door for her, pulling out a chair for her, taking off or tipping one’s hat to her, etc.  And these societies were the better for it.

And it was also in those societies and countries influenced to a large extent by Christianity, that women were given many freedoms of which their sisters in other lands knew nothing.  For in those societies men understood that it was simply not right to treat women as second-class citizens.  And so they uplifted the status of women more and more.

But then came the feminist movement.

Certain disgruntled, perpetually unhappy women decided to become far more radical and to make unreasonable and ridiculous demands, in a militantly aggressive fashion.  The feminist movement was born.  But what most do not understand is that as this sinister movement promotes the view that women in western society have been and still are enslaved by men, and that men, and the family structure, are evils from which women need to be emancipated, it is in fact nothing less than a branch of Marxism with the sinister objective of destroying the structure and even the very concept of the family!

A Militant Agenda against Men

Feminists are anti-family by being anti-men, anti-husbands, anti-fathers, and anti-gender-roles which have been in place since God created man and woman, and which have therefore been practiced for 6000 years.  They have a militant agenda, and in pursuit of it they want to eradicate the two-parent family.  The reason they want to destroy it is this: “According to their Marxist view of things, the family is a repository of gender-oppression.  Men are bourgeois; women are proletariat.  Such notions, however contrived and unoriginal, took academia by storm in the 1980s and even more so in the 1990s.”[1]

Feminism is an entire worldview: feminists view all aspects of life through the lens of gender.  These radicals are absurd in their theories, but deadly serious.  For example, they attack true science simply because there are (and always have been) far more men in scientific fields than women.  One of their number claimed that the ideas of Newton and Bacon about scientific method were a “rape manual”, because they spoke of “penetrating” nature’s secrets.  A feminist named Catherine A. MacKinnon made the astounding claim that voluntary sexual intercourse could be compared with rape, because in a male-dominated, patriarchal, “heterosexist” society, the line between voluntary consent and coercion is supposedly blurred.  Feminists have even claimed that Beethoven composed his masterpiece, “Ode to Joy”, to induce men into a sexual frenzy.  This kind of utterly insane “academic contribution” is taken very seriously by feminists, the chips on their shoulders are so huge.

Truly, “feminism is a secular religion with its own high priestesses, dogmas, and initiation rituals.  Its creation myth holds that on the first day Goddess created Eve, and all was right with the world.  But that idyllic state was shattered when first patriarch Adam stumbled into the Garden, pounded on the table, and demanded his apple.”[2]  Yes, for these bitter and twisted women, and for their feminized male servants, men are the root of all evil.  They constantly harp on and on about society being “male-dominated” and “patriarchal”.  They hate this, and fight against it with all their might.  And woe betide anyone who dares to disagree with them!  No wonder that because of their extreme, hate-filled and militant radicalism, they have been dubbed “feminazis”.

The feminist movement declared war on men, and has been in a perpetual war against men ever since it began.  “All manner of unpleasant things that happen to women are blamed on those linear-thinking, knuckle-dragging males.”[3]  Men, who fight wars to protect women, who go out into the workplace and by the sweat of their brows earn money to feed their families, are viewed as uncouth monsters, women-oppressors, holding women back from “achieving their full potential”, interested only in abusing women and enslaving them.  “The feminist jihad”, author Carey Roberts noted, has “indicted the entire male species for Crimes against Womankind.”[4]

Their “litany of grievances”, as Roberts pointed out, is never-ending.  For example, one of their pet grievances is that the husband is considered the head of the family.  As he humorously put it, “Sometimes these men are known to actually encourage their wives to stay within the credit card limit and to stay out of cat fights.  Yes, silly, that’s what leadership is all about.”  Another grievance is that men don’t listen to their wives.  “And considering all the women who rant and rave about patriarchal oppression, maybe they’re not worth listening to.”[5]

The fact is, the man is the head of the family by the appointment of God the Creator.  This fact is a very stubborn one – it just won’t go away, despite the concerted efforts of this movement of female hotheads with an axe to grind, trying to overturn the biblical order and 6000 years of human history.  This truth is clearly laid out in Holy Scripture.  “But I would have you know, that… the head of the woman is the man” (1 Cor. 11:3).  “For the husband is the head of the wife, even as Christ is the head of the church: and he is the saviour of the body.  Therefore as the church is subject unto Christ, so let the wives be to their own husbands in every thing” (Eph. 5:23,24).  “Unto the woman he said… thy desire shall be to thy husband, and he shall rule over thee” (Gen. 3:16).

The fact is, most of the world is patriarchal.  This fact, too, is a very stubborn one, and it won’t go away. The world is led by males.  It always has been.  In this the feminists are right, but what they refuse to accept is that this is in accordance with the will of God.  From the very beginning, men have been the primary breadwinners, the government-creators, the thinkers and the muscle behind the advance of civilisation.  This is not by any means to say that women have contributed nothing, or that they are incapable of contributing anything.  They have, they do, and they always will – immensely.  But women in leadership positions have always been in the minority.  This is not because they are dumber than men, for they certainly are not, but simply because most women, even today in this age of “women’s liberation”, do not want to be in positions of great leadership.  Their ambitions lie elsewhere, for the most part, and we should be ever thankful that this is so, for in this way men and women complement each other, just as the Lord God intended (Gen. 3:16-19).  Throughout history it has been primarily men who have governed, men who have provided, men who have led.  The man is the breadwinner and protector; the woman is the homemaker.  And – the whinings of the discontented, angry, bitter and twisted feminazis notwithstanding – this is how the majority of women have always preferred it to be.

This is why women do not make good soldiers, and should never be soldiers.  Certainly no Christian woman should ever consider such a career.  For 6000 years, men have been the soldiers.  This is as it should be.  God made man to be the protector, not woman.  This is not her role.  She should not be wielding a gun on the border to defend the folks back home.  It’s not her place, and she’s not equipped by the Creator for it.  The man is.  Period.  She is not as physically strong, and she cannot do what a male soldier can do.  Western countries have been caving in to the militant feminist agenda, and filling soldiers’ barracks with women.  But to do this, they have to lower the standards for women soldiers, and in the process lower the combat capability and readiness of the army itself.  Women should not be in combat.  It is against the divine order.

What’s more, most men (real men, not the effeminate ones who have sacrificed their God-given masculinity on the altar of the feminist movement) do not want to be protected by women.  It goes against the natural order of things, the divine order, and they are intensely uncomfortable with it because deep down they know it’s not the way things ought to be.

Speaking personally, as one who loves to spend time in the wild African bush, I would feel intensely uncomfortable if I was on a hike through a game park which was under the protection of a female game ranger with a high-powered rifle slung over her shoulder.  I simply do not want my life to be in the hands of a lady with a gun if we were to be charged by a lion or an elephant.  Nothing against ladies with firearms – I believe they should know how to defend themselves.  But I am extremely uncomfortable with the idea of standing there helplessly while a woman, whom by upbringing and conviction I believe should be under the protection of men and not the other way around, shoves me and any other men behind her for protection as she prepares to do battle with whatever dangerous animal erupts from the bush.  Today this is mocked as being old-fashioned, but some things just ought not to be.

As Carey Roberts put it, again with some humour: “Men provided the raw muscle power and ingenuity that became the engine for a booming economy.  Patriarchs, also known as primary breadwinners, provided sustenance and stability to their families.  And male leadership enabled our country [this is said of the USA, but true of many other western, Protestant-influenced countries as well] to prevail through two World Wars and the Great Depression.  These events left an indelible mark on the men who pulled us through those terrible times.  These brave souls can be forgiven if they sometimes burp without covering their mouth or find it hard to talk about their feelings.”[6]  Precisely.  Feminists may want men to be more feminine (and I’ll have more to say about that a little later), to “get in touch with their feminine side” (as if they have one), and to have better manners; but men are men and women are women, and in many ways “ne’er the twain shall meet”.

For the fact is, men and women are different.  Another stubborn fact that just won’t go away, no matter how hard the feminists try.  The sexes are not the same.  Men excel in some fields, women in others.  And this is good.  The Lord did not make them the same!

When the Lord created woman, He provided man with a lovely creature who would teach man, by her very presence no less than by her words, to give thought to such things as manners, kindness, gentleness, consideration for others, etc.  As such, she has been an immense blessing to man.  But to feminise men?  To turn them into carbon copies of women?  Their roles on this earth are different.  Men are designed by God to be masculine, rougher around the edges, tougher than women.  The old children’s verse has a lot of truth in it: “What are little boys made of?  Snakes and snails and puppy dogs’ tails.  And what are little girls made of?  Sugar and spice and all things nice.”  True, both men and women are depraved sinners; but in their general deportment and conduct women have generally been softer, gentler.  And this is how it should be.  This is of the Lord.

Let us consider the effects of feminism on women; on men; and on boys.

The Effects of Feminism on Women

Although women’s libbers think they’re now “free”, the very opposite is true: they are in fact enslaved to feminism itself.  And it is a hard taskmaster indeed.  Consider the facts:

Has feminism actually helped women?  Truly helped them?  Have their lives been made better?  Many would argue that it has – they can now go into the workplace, and do virtually any job a man can do; etc., etc.  But in reality, are women’s lives truly better, as regards quality of life?  No, they are not.  In the words of Nancy Levant, author of The Cultural Devastation of American Women, “why are American women, whose culture and males allowed them to have freedom from gender bondage, so incredibly stupid with their freedom?”[7]  She was right, and not only about American women.  Yes, women are now free – but in what ways?  Just think about the so-called “freedoms” western women now have:

Levant wrote: “We are free to take vanity to bizarre standards and measures – those created by the beauty, health, and media industries – that mandate skeletal thinness, life-long photo-youth looks, tanning bed skin color, Botox shots in the face, fake breasts, fake fingernails”.  Is this true freedom?  Surely not.  Women are not free — they are now enslaved to the fashion industry.

“We are also free,” wrote Levant, “to become useless in our homes.  We now hire maid services, landscapers, pool cleaners, painters, interior decorators, cooks, nannies, teachers and tutors, caterers, therapists, party planners, massage therapists, laundry services, etc., while losing every intuitive instinct of our female natures.”  Supposedly “liberated” women now hire people to do all the things every woman once did for herself in her own home – and very competently, too.  And now, having nothing to do except join their men in the rat-race of the workplace or mooch around bored in their own homes because all domestic duties are taken care of by others, they turn to extra-marital affairs and increasingly bizarre behaviour.  Is this true freedom?  No – they are enslaved to the workplace, and yet think they are free to “pursue their careers”.  Millions of men have always bemoaned the drudgery of having to go out and earn their bread in the sweat of their brows, in accordance with the curse of the Lord God upon man when he sinned (Gen. 3:17-19); and now women join them in that difficult existence.  Desiring to escape the curse upon the woman (Gen. 3:16), the daughters of Eve have mistakenly thought that the curse upon the man was somehow a lighter one to bear.  But they learn, to their cost, that it is not so.  They have lost the art of homemaking as they have rushed to voluntarily place themselves under the man’s curse.  How foolish and how heartbreakingly tragic.

This is not to say that women must never have secular employment!   Throughout history, all around the world, women have done so, sometimes because they wanted to and perhaps more often because they had to.  There is nothing wrong with this, per se (for example, Acts 16:14).  But first and foremost, a woman is called to be a homemaker and a homekeeper.  Her priorities are to be her husband, her children, and her home, and on this the Scriptures are crystal clear (1 Tim. 5:14; Tit. 2:1-5).  In today’s western world it is often extremely difficult, financially, for a family to live only on the husband’s income, and women have no option but to be employed as well.  If a mother goes out to work because she has to, this is one thing; but if a mother pursues a career because she wants to although she doesn’t need to, she needs to ask herself where her priorities lie.

So many of today’s supposedly “liberated” women don’t know how to take care of a home, raise their children, or create the kind of environment that a husband would love to come home to.  They pursue their careers at the expense of their families, enchaining themselves to their work desks as if their jobs are the reason for their existence; as if they are somehow incomplete as human beings unless they can “show everyone that they can do anything a man can do.”  What a tragedy.

Women are also now “free” to have multiple male sexual partners.  Feminism promoted the idea that women don’t need men to be complete – so large numbers of women made their careers their everything, not marriage.  “Steering clear of what they define as ‘sticky, mushy relationships’ these girls prefer to schedule their men in when they have time to see them!”[8]

They are now “free” to end pregnancies by popping pills, or jettisoning the human results of their promiscuity via abortion.  Society is now full of millions of women secretly carrying the terrible guilt for what they have done to their unborn children.  Pro-abortion doctors try to convince everyone that abortion is not murder, but deep down most people know that it is.  If not before the abortion, then often afterwards.

Not all have abortions, of course; but because they mock the institution of marriage, and sleep around with multiple partners, they usually end up having children out of wedlock – children all too often unwanted and unloved.  So, after a long day’s work at the office, these women return home to a house without a man, but a house in which there are children they can hardly handle because they never really see them.  They are being raised by others.  All this leads to stress, and utter exhaustion for women, and of course is devastating to the children.  They grow up without fathers, in State-controlled educational centres, being indoctrinated into the New World Order – the supposed “paradise” the State is creating.

As Levant put it: “We are free to have extra-marital affairs, multiple lovers, to abort children… to use men like ATMs… and to take thousands upon thousands of family dollars for personal use in our missions to look like (and act like) teenagers.

“We are free to have children with as many men as we choose, and to bankrupt multiple men with mandatory child support payments.  We are then free to ignore children by paying far more attention to maid-cleaned, spotless, and magazine-cover homes, where no cooking is achieved, no family memories are created, and no shoes are allowed to be worn on the white carpets…. We are free to give our children computer software to keep them addictively occupied for YEARS, and then complain about their lack of social skills.

“We are free to completely ignore the FACT that our children are SUFFERING with mean-spirited and incompetent mothers – children who are hungry, starved for attention, and mistreated by non-stop extracurricular sports regimens, drive-thru bags of dangerous food, teachers and public school indoctrination camps, completely ignored spiritual needs, and disrespect and contempt of their children’s fathers.”

Summarising all this, she stated: “So another question begs – what does liberation mean to American women? [and not just American women!].  Does it mean the freedom to vote?  Freedom from historical gender bondage?  Freedom from ownership?  I don’t think so.  Today’s American female is free to be an idiot – a shallow, self-involved, pathologically vain, completely incompetent, and angry person – angry to the tune of making the anti-depressant industry the largest profit maker, bar none, for big pharma.  Stupid is what stupid does.”[9]  Exactly.

I would add another question: why is it that these things, discerned by the journalists and writers quoted here, are not discerned by so many professing Christian women (and men)?  Professing “Christians” are so caught up in making money, having fun, and living selfishly, that they are blind to the terrible reality that’s staring them in the face every time they return home to their children.  They are just so busy: busy going to the beauty salon, busy soaking up the soapies on TV, busy making money.  Are these the fruits of true salvation?

And another thing: there is no true freedom without freedom to dissent.  But one can’t disagree with these feminazis!  They are arrogant, rude, crude, militantly organised, and they expect every woman – and man – on the planet to agree with them and support their cause and agenda.  Those who don’t are insulted, sometimes assaulted, shouted down, ridiculed, and ostracised.  Thus women, who naively think they have been “liberated” from “slavery” to men, have in fact been enslaved by the very movement that claims to have liberated them!  They are not free to differ with these fanatics.  They must go along with the agenda – or else.

In another article Nancy Levant wrote: “I suggest to you that the ‘liberation’ you [i.e. women] have achieved through the misguidance of the feminist movement is false.  I suggest that Westernized women are often miserable, overworked, and suffering due to separation from their children.  Think of it this way – the feminist movement actually believed they could change the fundamental meaning and purpose of womanhood, biological and instinctual gendering, and that they could culturally remove children from mothers, and call it ‘liberation.’  You are equally liberated to destroy any children that you don’t want.  Wow.  I guess that means that you have a great deal of power.  Congratulations.  It is far greater to be a drugged laborer than a mother.  Let us thank the feminist movement for making this clear to us dim-witted females.”[10]

This is not liberation, it’s bondage!  Bondage to the movement itself, bondage to the drudgery of the workplace, and most of all, bondage to sin.  But they don’t see it.  They think they’re free!  “I’m free to do as I please with my body.”  “I’m free to go to work, earn my own money, live as I like.”  “I’m free to live with any man I like, marry and divorce as I please.”  “I’m free to abort my baby, or hand him over to the State to raise in the State’s image.”

The Effects of Feminism on Men

The feminisation of society has had, and continues to have, a hugely negative impact on men.  It has turned men into effeminate weaklings!  They are not allowed to be truly masculine, because masculinity is (falsely) viewed as “assertiveness” over women; but at the same time they are not permitted to have the gentle, respectful manners of earlier generations of “gentlemen”, as this is viewed as being condescending to women!  And thus we have this new, feminised, androgynous creature called the “metrosexual”, who shaves off his chest hair and is supposedly “in touch with his feminine side”.  Even paints his toe nails at times.

Men are not allowed to be masculine anymore; yet “liberated” women, supposedly as tough as men, their attitude being “I can do anything a man can do”, demonstrate very masculine qualities!   Truly, it’s an upside-down world.

There are of course many reasons for the breakdown of the institution of marriage in society today, but this is certainly one of them: feminism has made men shy away from the commitment to marriage, or even from the very attempt to find a woman to marry; for in today’s bizarre world, if a man shows any interest whatsoever in a woman, she is liable to slap him with a “sexual harassment” lawsuit even for the most innocent of conversations, which could ruin his life – even if he’s eventually found innocent.

Then too, there is the fear of the wife at some point taking the husband to the divorce court over some small matter, and being so favoured by the skewered, female-friendly judicial system that the financial settlement leaves the man with next to nothing.  A great many women now use the female-friendly-by-default courts to their advantage, making life utterly miserable for the men they sue, knowing full well that the men are powerless to do anything about it, because feminism has overrun the judicial systems and eliminated even common sense.  Women openly admit to using emotional blackmail to get their way, knowing that the law is all on the woman’s side and men are too afraid to do anything about it.  Feminists demand equal rights, but do not want to have equal responsibilities.  Instead, whenever anything goes wrong, it can conveniently be blamed on the man; and courts are supporting this.  Women are inevitably viewed as “victims” who have done no wrong; it’s all the man’s fault.

As one South African man put it: “Women feel superior to us men because of the rights that have been given to them and they often misinterpret their rights to mean that they have the right to do anything and men should not oppose them.”[11]

Thus the God-created order has been overturned: aggressive, pushy, demanding feminists are now in charge, and men have been turned into their obedient servants, who are supposed to be perpetually apologetic for their supposed “oppression” of women for centuries.  The God-ordained institution of marriage has been cast aside.  Even in many marriage vows nowadays, the woman no longer promises to “obey” her husband.  Feminists view this as “oppressive”.

And the liberal, feminized, Bible-denying so-called “churches” are content to buckle to society’s pressures and go along with this!

Yet the irony is that even though the feminist movement is so rabidly anti-male, all the freedoms and privileges women presently enjoy in western society were granted to them by men!  Women did not win these things by their own efforts.  They did not stage a revolution or conquer men in war to gain them.  They are not physically strong enough to win a war against men, or for that matter to force men to do anything.  Feminists can jubilantly and triumphantly scream and shout all they like about “girl power” and “sisters doin’ it for themselves”, but it’s all hogwash.  They did not beat men into submission and force them to grant them their present freedoms and equality.  Men decided to give them these things.  Yes – “evil”, “oppressive” men.  If men had not voluntarily decided to do so, women would not be able to enjoy a single one of them.  That’s a fact.  And yet feminists hate men.  They hate the very ones who voluntarily gave women all the freedoms they presently enjoy in western society!  Freedoms, let it be said, which are utterly unknown to women in many other societies of the world.

These bitter feminists have been very successful in convincing western society that they are “persecuted” and “discriminated against” and all the rest, in this “male-dominated, patriarchal” society.  Well, it might have been such a society once (and the world was a better one for it), but it certainly isn’t so today: in almost every sphere in western society today, men are in retreat, and women are being favoured, promoted, advantaged.  But instead of gratitude to western men who turned the tables in their favour, they are bitter, angry, and vindictive.

Women in the west have more “rights”, more freedoms, than any other women in the world, past or present – and yet still these female fanatics whine and complain and demand more and still more.  If they want to know what real oppression and drudgery and suffering is, they should live for a while in a Middle Eastern society, or in certain African or Asian societies.  But no – they would rather stay in their comfortable western lands, with all their freedoms and conveniences, and whine about being “oppressed” and “held back” in their “male-dominated, patriarchal” society.  The very same “male-dominated, patriarchal” society, let it be noted, which has provided them with the highest standard of living, and the greatest freedoms, that any society anywhere in the world has ever enjoyed since the world began.

The Effects of Feminism on Boys

What about the effects of feminism on boys?  The feminisation of men starts with the feminisation of young boys.  This was well-put in a 2006 article by Carey Roberts.  Ponder his words:

“Forty years ago the National Organization for Women was founded.  That marked the beginning of an unholy jihad to deconstruct masculinity.  Now, a low-level hostility to all things macho pervades our culture.

“A toddler is warned that pointing his finger in the shape of a gun will earn him 10 minutes of time-out.  No dump trucks or military figures sully the serenity of his play area.  ‘Go play with your Ken-and-Barbie set,’ his gender-enlightened parents console him.

“Want to come out and play Cops and Robbers?  Forget it, little boy!…

“At school, junior is informed that tag was banned because it promotes competition and aggressiveness, and recess may be coming next.

“In history class he learns memorable facts such as the West was won by brave teenage girls, Sacagawea led the Lewis and Clark expedition, and Mary Todd Lincoln endured great hardships during the Civil War.

“If our aspiring man wants to play high school sports, he may be enlightened, ‘Sorry, but not enough girls signed up for field hockey this year.’  If he mentions the sex bias of Take Your Daughter to Work Day, the female principal is likely to take him aside and warn him those remarks are creating a hostile environment for the girls.”[12]

Larry Pratt, director of Gun Owners of America, correctly stated: “One reason so many feminists are such angry sourpusses is that God made boys and girls different, and while feminist meddling can have a negative impact, it cannot rewire what the Creator has made.  For example, it really enrages these angry gals when boys are given dolls to play with and they turn around and use the doll’s arm as a gun ‘Bang!’  Conversely, girls take that Tonka Truck and make a crib for their baby doll in the bed of the truck.  Aaaargh!  Normal people (non-feminists) tend to react to these ingrained behavior patterns with a ‘Duh!’” [13]

Yes, boys and girls are different.  The Lord has made them different, and He has done so for a reason.  From childhood already, these differences become very readily apparent.  But thanks to the feminist movement, little boys have been turned into effeminate creatures.  They are growing up to believe that girls and women rule the world – and moreover that this is how it should be.  They are being taught that males have brought nothing but misery to the world, that the true history of females has been suppressed but is at last coming to the fore as the history books are being rewritten, and that the role of boys and men in society is to live in perpetual guilt for being males.

Society is being re-programmed in the image of Woman.

It is vitally important for Christian parents to fight back against this sinful feminisation of society.  They need to teach their boys to be boys, and their girls to be girls.  They must teach their boys to be masculine and their girls to be feminine.  They must teach them about the God-ordained roles of men and women.

Remember the days when boys used to take risks, play cops and robbers, play hunters in the woods, shoot pellet guns, go fishing, and come home with their knees scraped and covered in dirt?  This is what little boys are made of!  And it’s all excellent training for adult life.  Now look around you: where are such boys today?  They’re sitting inside with their eyes glued to the TV or to dumb computer games, their brains in neutral, and if they go outside at all they are first kitted out with more protective wear than a soldier going to war.

The Destruction of the Family in Accordance with Marxist Objectives

So: what has feminism achieved?

It has destroyed the concept of different roles for each member of the family, based on biblical truth.  The husband is no longer viewed as the head of the home.  The pushy, bossy woman is in charge, the effeminate husband has no backbone, and the children are out of control, disrespectful, lazy, undisciplined, with no sense of responsibility and a huge sense of entitlement.  And that’s in the homes where a husband still exists!  Feminism, quite simply, has destroyed the family.  It has achieved what it set out to do.  And most women and men are so conditioned, so brainwashed by their TVs and by psychology, that they don’t even know what has happened, or why.

All of this plays into the hands of the Communistic one-worlders behind the scenes.  For in their ceaseless quest for a Marxist world, they know that the family unit must be wiped out.  They want to destroy the family; they want children to grow up without that God-ordained support structure, and in a State-controlled educational facility; and they want people to grow old all alone, without the loving companionship of a spouse or the care of their children – so that they can be more easily manipulated and controlled!  It is all about people control.  It is Marxism at work.  And it is working extremely well.

This was admitted by a member of the Rockefeller clan, which is a major player amongst those seeking to create a one-world government.  When Aaron Russo, author of America: Freedom to Fascism, spoke in support of the women’s movement to this person, the reply was: “We…created the women’s movement, and we promote it.  And it’s not about equal opportunity.  It’s designed to get both parents out of the home and into the workforce, where they will pay taxes.  And then we can decide how the children will be raised and educated.” [14]

Another vital part of the one-worlders’ plan is population control.  This explains their fanatical support for abortion the world over.  This is why the feminist movement is so intent upon promoting abortion worldwide, under the guise of “a woman’s right to do as she pleases with her own body”.  Calling it “Planned Parenthood” is a cover.  If they were honest, it would be called “Planned Population Reduction”.

Foolish western women who blithely, blindly follow the utterances of the high priestesses of the feminist movement are nothing but useful idiots for the one-worlders’ cause!  Nancy Levant wrote: “If American women [and indeed, western women in general!] weren’t so glued to their mirrors, anti-depressants, angers, and ill health due to life-long diets, they might realize that massive population reduction, and its connection to global politics and the pharmaceutical and ‘health’ industries, is MANDATED.  The feminist movement has been pushing depopulation under the guises of ‘women’s rights’ for decades.  Now, ladies, it’s not so much of a stretch to understand the connection between abortion ‘rights,’ reproductive legislation, and the mental health movement, which specifically targets women and children, to realize that other ‘agendas’ are afoot and off and running.  When you are talking about massive global population reduction, you are, in fact, talking about the control of women, their bodies, their unalienable and biological rights to pregnancies and babies, and marriage.”[15]

All this drove Levant to write: “And to the world’s feminists – I say this: You are the dumbest women who have ever walked on the face of the Earth.  Week by week, day by day, you are losing every right you thought you invented.  You fell hook, line, and sinker into the dialectic, and you are nothing but dictator pawns to the larger mission of total control over people and freedom.  What a shame when arrogance literally beats brains useless.  What a crime and a shame when you brutally victimize the very people you claim to represent – much like all other destroyers of human freedom.”[16]

Yes, the irony of it all is that the feminist movement, while purporting to be all about freeing women from “bondage” to men, has in fact brought women into bondage to the feminist movement, which is itself nothing but a puppet of the advocates of global people-control.  Women have become slaves in the name of freedom!

The plan is diabolically clever: keep women (and men) so engrossed in themselves, and in non-stop entertainment, that they don’t see what is happening to themselves and their families; fill their every waking moment with careers, beauty treatments and entertainment, so that they have no time in the day to truly think and are too exhausted at night to be able to read and think and see through the smokescreen;  keep them so busy, tired and unhappy that they feel they can’t cope and must attend “therapy” sessions with some so-called “expert”, who’s really as mixed-up and confused as they are but who has the authority to dope them up with medication that perpetuates their zombie-like state and thus keeps them from ever thinking for themselves, or reading for themselves, and thus figuring out what’s actually going on.  Keep their children away from them as much as possible, via State educational facilities and after-care facilities, hours of homework and sports, then hours of TV, computers and cellphones, so that although they pass each other in the same house, parents and children are really leading separate lives and are essentially strangers to one another.

And to top it all, call all this “women’s liberation”, the freedom to do as she pleases, to live her life the way she wants to!


Feminism is rebellion, plain and simple.  Rebellion against the God-given order.  It is a rebellion that has destroyed western society.  And it is a trap into which even professing Christians are liable to fall, if they are not on their guard.  The crying need of the times is for Christians to be well taught about what the Word of God says about the roles of husbands, wives, and children, and to put it into practice; to understand what true womanhood and true manhood is all about.  Remember the commandment of Holy Scripture: “Thou shalt not follow a multitude to do evil” (Exod. 23:2).  Go against the grain!  Swim against the tide!  Let your own life, and your family structure, be a reflection of the biblical pattern!  “Be not conformed to this world” (Rom. 12:2)!

Human nature being what it is, we just never get the right balance.  Not wanting women to be the virtual slaves which they are in Middle Eastern and other countries, western society has swung the pendulum so far in the other direction that “freedom” for women means licence to live lower than animals if they want.  Which would we rather have?  Women as virtual slaves, or women fornicating, aborting their children, and using their acquired power to grind men underfoot?  Frankly, I don’t want either extreme, and nor should you.  The unregenerate are destined to always swing from one extreme to the other.  Only in Christ is the right balance set out and maintained: the husband as the head of the home, the provider and protector; the wife as the homemaker; the children in their proper place, under parental care and guidance until they are adults.  This alone is the God-ordained pattern, and the only key to true and lasting happiness.

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