Hollywood and the Christian

“Christian” Movies

  Finally, let us look at the so-called “Christian” movies.  Certain historical movies, portraying the lives of various Christians of the past, can be profitable if they are accurately made.  But a great many of them are made by Hollywood producers who have only profit in mind, and therefore they distort the truth and focus on things which will attract audiences.

  As for movies supposedly portraying the life of Christ, with some actor portraying the holy Son of God, the Word of God makes it clear that any representations of any of the three divine Persons of the Trinity are sinful (Exod.20:4-6; Acts 17:29).  Although the eternal Son became flesh, we have no idea what He looked like, which means that any representation of Him is completely imaginary and inaccurate; and even if we did know exactly what He looked like we still could not depict Him, for His divine glory, which the apostles beheld (Jn.1:14), cannot be depicted; and yet, if only His humanity was depicted, then His nature would be divided – which is heretical. 

  Furthermore, as Christ is the image of the invisible God (Col.1:15; Heb.1:3), so that He could say to those who saw Him that they had seen the Father (Jn.14:8,9), it follows that if we attempt to depict Christ, we attempt to depict the invisible God; but as we would only depict Christ inaccurately, we would thereby depict the invisible God inaccurately.  And in doing so we would make a similitude of God as a man, which is sinful (Deut.4:15,16).  The apostles, who knew Him in the days of His earthly ministry, never attempted to depict Him in art.  No Christian should think that he may do what they did not.  Movies in which some sinful man attempts to portray the Lord Jesus Christ, the brightness of the Father’s glory, the express image of His Person, in whom dwells all the fulness of the Godhead bodily, should be shunned by all true Christians as utterly contrary to the will of God.


  All that has been written above about movies applies equally to the literature people read.  No true Christian should fill his mind with the kind of fictional garbage which ungodly authors spue out, filled with the same sinful things as the movies described above: spy novels, romantic novels, science fiction, horror stories, filthy books of “humour”, etc.  Pastors must insist on separation from all such filth on the part of their church members, with those refusing to turn from such things facing the same church disciplinary measures they would face for other sins.  For that is precisely what the reading of such literature, like the watching of the type of movies described above, constitutes: sin!  Where are the pastors who take such a stand?  They are very few and far between.  And those who take such a stand are unpopular, and their churches are often small.  But their stand is honouring to the Lord.

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