Hollywood and the Christian

“Love Stories”

  Secondly, there is the category of movie known as the love story.  But it is almost never about love.  In truth, the world cannot teach the Christian about true love.  “Love,” to the worldly, usually means lust.  And so-called “love stories” are usually filled with adultery, fornication, divorce, hatred, bitterness, etc. 

  Women in particular are devotees of this type of “entertainment.”  It is fantasy, escapism, a time in which they close out their own real world, with all its problems and struggles, and fill their minds with the standards and values of the ungodly.  Tragically, so widespread are such sins as divorce, adultery, etc., today, that many women are living miserable lives, and they seek escape for a few hours in soaking up such movies.  But only at the feet of the Lord Jesus may peace and joy be found.  The Christian woman must spend much time in studying the Word of God, not in idly sprawling in her chair or in her bed, absorbing the devil’s trash.

Science Fiction

  Thirdly, there is what is called science fiction.  In addition to being filled, for the most part, with the usual violence, adultery, blasphemy, profanity, and other sins found in almost all movies, the ones in this category promote the absolutely unscriptural concept of life on other planets, or in other universes, other dimensions, etc.  The Bible tells us that God created life on earth; but we are not told that there is life anywhere else in the physical universe.  In fact, the Bible positively precludes any such notion.  When God created the heaven and the earth, He immediately focused on earth alone (Gen.1:1,2).  The sun, moon, and stars were created, firstly, for God’s pleasure (Rev.4:11); secondly, for the benefit of man and other creatures upon the earth: for signs, and seasons, and days, and years; to give light upon the earth (Gen.1:14-19); and thirdly, to declare the glory of God, and show His handiwork (Psa.19:1), leaving men without excuse (Rom.1:20), so that it is indeed the fool who says in his heart, There is no God (Psa.14:1).  But there is no life anywhere else.  The Lord Jesus Christ left heaven’s glories and came to earth alone, to die for men and women ordained to eternal life; and when His work was done He returned to heaven.  He went to no other planet.  He redeemed no other creatures.

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