Predestination, PDF format

The biblical doctrine of Predestination is simply this: that God, from all eternity, ordained whatsoever would come to pass in his creation, from its very beginning to its very end.  He foreordained all things – including who would be saved, out of the race of mankind.

In our times, professing Christians shrink from this doctrine in horror.  “It cannot be!” they cry.  “It’s a monstrous doctrine!  A false doctrine!”  Very well, then: let us consider the alternative.

If Predestination is not true; if God did not, before the foundation of the world, ordain, down to the minutest detail, whatsoever comes to pass; then what would we have?  In a word – chaos.  We would have a universe that operates according to its own laws.  We would have a God who (if he exists at all) does not control his own creation.

And it is no good reasoning that God, because he is God, simply knew what was going to occur throughout all ages, but did not ordain all things.  For he could only know, if he had ordained all things!  It is only the one who has the power to decree, with absolute certainty, what will occur in the future, who can know, with absolute certainty, what will occur in the future.

This universe is NOT a chaotic universe.  It is a universe of order, from the smallest object to the largest galaxy in the heavens.  Creation is not in chaos.  With this, no doubt, most of those who oppose Predestination will agree.  “But,” they will then say, “man has a free will.  And therefore, although God may control all other events, he has not sovereignly ordained who will be saved, and who will not.”

The trouble with this view is that if just one part of God’s creation does not operate according to divine Predestination, there cannot be any order, or harmony, in the whole.  We all know how the most carefully-laid plans can be upset by one small snag which we had not taken into consideration.  God is either in full control of all events, or he is in control of none.  He cannot control partly.  If mortal men can frustrate the purposes of the Lord, then God is not God.

As with all things, the duty of the Christian is to discover what the Scriptures teach.  Away with man’s feeble and foolish views and opinions!  To the Word of the living God!

Jesus said, “Are not two sparrows sold for a farthing?  and one of them shall not fall on the ground without your Father” (Matt. 10:29).  A sparrow is a small bird; and yet, even the falling of a sparrow to the ground does not occur but by the Father’s decree.  Such is his sovereign control over his vast creation.

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