Europe in Bible Prophecy

  At the time of the Reformation, during the reign of King Henry VIII in England, monasteries were dissolved, etc.  In other parts of Europe, in various ways the Papal possessions were often taken from them.  And during the French Revolution France revolted against the Papacy, and the Whore was made “desolate and naked”, the hate-filled revolutionaries “ate her flesh”, and they “burned her with fire.”  Thousands of Romish religious buildings were destroyed, and priests and nuns were killed in terrible ways.  And the terrible destruction and suffering continued after the French Revolution as well – right into the twentieth century, in fact.  For example, although in 1929 Mussolini established the Vatican City State, and a semblance of temporal authority was restored to the Roman pope, yet still the hatred of various European governments towards the Whore continued.  During the Spanish Civil War in 1936, Roman Catholic “church” buildings were burned, the wealth of the so-called “Church” confiscated, and priests were killed in their thousands. 

  In the light of these historical facts:

  “Desolate and naked” refers to the governments rejecting the Whore; quitting their fornication with her; stopping her religious activities and drawing people away from her.  In addition, taking away her wealth, her power and authority, leaving her desolate, and stripping her of her properties and possessions, leaving her naked. 

  “Eating her flesh” would also refer to the confiscation of her properties, etc.  Perhaps we could say the first wave of stripping her of her properties and possessions left her naked; but the successive waves meant her very flesh was now consumed.

  As for “burning her with fire”, this quite simply means destroying her properties, burning them to the ground, etc.

In What Way Do the “Ten Kings” “Agree”?

  V. 17 says: “For God hath put in their hearts to fulfil his will, and to agree, and give their kingdom unto the beast, until the words of God shall be fulfilled.”

  This shows God’s total control over world events.  It was He who “put it in their hearts” to fulfil His will regarding all that He had appointed to occur in history by means of the Whore, the Beast, and the ten horns.  They of course had no idea that it was God who put it in their hearts: see Isa. 10:5-7,13,15.

  God put it in their hearts to “agree”.  But as we have seen, Dan. 2:43 says of these ten kingdoms that they did not cleave one to another.  They were never perfectly united; they did not agree on a great many things; but they agreed among themselves as regards their religion, and as regards their war with the Lamb!  They had one mind (v.13) when it came to faithfully serving the Papacy, and persecuting the Lord’s people, destroying the true Church, and thereby opposing the Lord Christ Himself. 

  The Papist European nations gave their kingdoms to the Roman Papacy.  And this would be “until the words of God shall be fulfilled”.  Meaning, until all the prophecies pertaining to them, found in God’s Word, are fulfilled; until God has done what He purposed to do in and through them. 

  And this brings us to the European Union of today. 

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