Bible Prophecy Speaks Of The Papacy, Part II

Islam must never be under-estimated.  But it must not be over-estimated either!  Yet this is what is happening.  Islam is not Babylon the Great,[45] the Antichrist is not a Muslim and will not be a Muslim,[46] and as dangerous and fanatical as Islam undoubtedly is, the fact remains that the Roman Papacy remains the Christian Church’s, and the world’s, greatest threat!

Read that last sentence again.  Bible prophecy speaks of Popery.  Christians – do not be sidetracked!  Even as fanatical Muslim terrorists plant bombs in public places, drive vehicles into crowds or fly planes into buildings  –  the Roman Papacy remains the Christian Church’s, and the world’s, greatest threat!   How is this so?  It is so, because God’s very Word says it is so – and let God be true and every man a liar.  God’s Word is true even when our eyes behold the horrific collapse of the Twin Towers, or the hate-filled mobs chanting “Allah is great!” in one violent street revolution after another, or the mad mullahs inciting their followers to a jihad against the West.  For it is not what the physical eyes see, but what is going on in that realm where the physical eyes cannot penetrate.  “For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places” (Eph. 6:12).

The wiles of the devil include many weapons, and without question he uses physical violence and bloodshed; but his greater and more deadly weapons are spiritual, not physical.  It is not the enemy you can easily see, with his angry face and blood-curdling chants, who is the most dangerous.  It is the enemy you cannot see, the one who, Judas-like, pretends to be your friend, who shows you a smiling fact while he conceals the weapon beneath his cloak, who is far, far more dangerous.  “The words of his mouth were smoother than butter, but war was in his heart: his words were softer than oil, yet they were drawn swords” (Psa. 55:21).  This is Judas.  This is the Papacy.  This is the Jesuit.

Beware the upraised, spitting, hissing cobra.  But beware, far more, the silent, slithering snake in the grass.

Besides, even though Christians are to receive the testimony of God’s own Word even if they do not have all the factual evidence to support it at their fingertips – for His Word is true regardless of what any individual believer may or may not know about a particular subject – the Lord has graciously provided His people with all the evidence needed, to fully support what His Word declares regarding the Roman Papacy.  The evidence is there, and it is comprehensive and utterly convincing.  The problem is simply that the devil has men looking everywhere else except where the Lord directs us to look, in His Word!

The world’s Muslims are being used.  Oh, certainly, Islam conspires for world domination.  No question about that.  But Muslims are being used to promote two other conspiracies for world domination: that of international Communism, and far more importantly – Roman Catholicism!

The following is from my article, The Arab World Explodes, written in 2011: “Make no mistake about it: these Islamic revolutions are being controlled behind the scenes by international Socialists/Communists.  The very same people who brought Barack Obama to power in the United States.  For a long time now, the international Communist movement has made use of Islamic fanatics to do its dirty work.  While the world thinks that Communism is dead, it is very much alive and working behind the scenes, pulling the strings which make the Islamists dance.”[47]

Russia has been using fanatical Muslims for a very long time, but this manipulation increased greatly with the Arab revolutions, the so-called “Arab spring”, and thereafter with the endless waves of Muslim migrants, falsely termed “refugees” by the world’s liberal/Communist media.  Russia is doing this to destabilise Europe and the United States – and it is working.[48]

But even more sinister, the Jesuit/Vatican institution is using fanatical Muslims for its own agenda to increase its power over Europe and the United States.  This is a huge subject, too detailed to go into here, but for further information I refer the reader to my article, Why is Francis Encouraging Muslim Immigration into Europe?[49]


  Just because, in the present ecumenical climate, the Roman Papacy is not usually using the openly violent tactics it used for hundreds of years, does not mean it has now repented, reformed, and somehow gone from being the great whore to the virgin bride of Christ merely by putting on some nice, new clothes!  It is the same old harlot described in the Scriptures.  Nowhere are we told in Scripture that Rome will ever change for the better, and truly the evidence from around the world demonstrates this beyond all doubt.  What Muslim and Communist fanatics are doing in the world today, and have been doing for a long time, is what Papist fanatics did for century after long century.  More recently, in Croatia, Rwanda and Mexico, Papists did the same things.  Islam kills in the name of its god; Communism kills in the name of no god; but Popery has done the same thing for centuries.  The Illuminati, Communism, Islam and others all want to take over the world; but Popery has desired this for its entire existence and still does.  At present, for its own purposes the Papacy has changed tactics for the most part, and presents a smiling face to the world (even though the discerning can still see blood on the harlot’s lips); but a change of tactics does not mean a change of heart.  Until the Lord Jesus Christ returns, the Roman Papacy will be the greatest enemy of Christ, His Church and His Gospel in the whole world.

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