Bible Prophecy Speaks Of The Papacy, Part II

Nor is that all.  Continuing with the quotation from “Holy War” against South Africa:[35]

“Further details of the Vatican/Illuminati connection with Communism, though brief, are available.  For example, when Lenin returned to Russia from exile, in a sealed train, this was arranged by the German High Command – and the German government at that time was intensely loyal to the Papacy.  Trotsky, Lenin’s co-conspirator, was financed by Jacob Schiff, senior partner in Kuhn, Loeb and Co.  And other powerful financiers supported the Bolsheviks as well,[36] including one Lord Alfred Milner, who paid over 21 million roubles towards the financing of the Russian revolution.  Milner was at one time the leader of the secret Round Table organisation, which was supported by the house of Rothschild…

“These international bankers (Schiff, Warburg, Morgan, Rockefeller, Rothschild) had connections with the Illuminati, and thus (whether all of them were fully aware of it or not) were being manipulated by the Jesuits.  A not insignificant piece of information is that the house of Rothschild had been lending money to the Vatican since 1831.[37]

“For Rome, there were at least two advantages to the creation of Bolshevism: the promotion of its centuries-old desire for world domination, as we have seen; and the crushing of its centuries-old rival, the Russian Orthodox institution.[38]  Rome believed it had nothing to lose in establishing, via its Illuminati, the Bolshevik movement that came to power in Russia.”

Yes, the Jesuits have used, and are continuing to use, Communism to achieve their purposes around the world.  They experience setbacks from time to time.  The Russian Communist movement in its early years, for example, rebelled against them.  But occasional setbacks notwithstanding, they have managed to harness the might of Communism all over the world to advance the one-world, one-government agenda they have always pushed.  Apart from their deep involvement in the original Communist revolution – the Bolshevik revolution – they have made use of what is known as “liberation theology” (essentially violent “Catholic Communism”) in Latin America and Africa to achieve their aims,[39] and they are making use of what is known as “cultural Communism” to take over America and various other western countries.[40]

Over many decades a vast literature has arisen exposing Communism – and rightly so.  And yet almost all researchers, both professedly Christian and secular, have failed to see beyond it to the real power: Roman Catholicism, via the Jesuit Order!  Just as with those researching the Illuminati or other secret societies, so the researches of those exposing Communism are useful as far as they go, but they simply do not delve far enough.

Today, in the minds of millions though not in truth, the global Communist threat has receded, even been extinguished, for two main reasons.  Firstly, the world was hoodwinked into believing the deceptive Communist propaganda that “Communism collapsed” in the early 1990s.[41]  And secondly, the rise to international prominence of violent Islam has pushed what little remained of anti-Communist warnings into the background.  But this is a monumental mistake, with devastating consequences for a huge portion of the human population.  Communism is not dead, and in truth, Islam’s meteoric rise to prominence has been very much the work of international Communism, and of the Vatican/Jesuit manipulators behind the scenes.  We ignore or play down the Marxist menace at our peril.  In its various manifestations, it has succeeded in conquering much of the world.

Yes, Communism must be exposed, constantly and in detail.  It is ruthless, deadly, utterly anti-Christian.  Yes, it is seeking world domination and is well on the way to achieving it.  Over a hundred million people have been the victims of this monstrous ideology since its inception![42]  But it is a tool, albeit an extremely powerful and global tool, in the hands of Rome’s Jesuits.

The Islamic Conspiracy

  Today, almost all we hear, on every side, whether from true Christians, professing Christians, or secular sources – is “Islam! – Islam! – Islam!”  It is the topic of conversation for multiplied thousands, indeed millions, of people, the subject of innumerable books, movies and internet sites and discussions.

For centuries Protestants were crystal-clear about the threat of Roman Catholicism and its place in biblical prophecy.  As explained above, there were always those who tried to make the case for Christians to focus on secret societies, or on Communism (and we must never deny or downplay just how evil these actually are); but until the rise of the ecumenical movement, Protestants still understood and accepted that Roman Catholicism was the greatest enemy of the Church of Christ, and of the peace and welfare of the world, in existence.

Then, as ecumenism advanced to the point where Roman Catholicism became accepted and embraced, so wrongly, as a Christian church, and at the same time as Communism spread around the world, the focus shifted to the international Communist conspiracy as being the greatest danger to the Church and the world, and even as being in some way the fulfilment of biblical prophecy.  Innumerable books were written, with “prophecy experts” claiming to have found evidence of Russia and Communism in various biblical prophecies.

But after many decades of this particular smokescreen, and following the orchestrated and fake “collapse of Communism” in the late 1980s and early 1990s, and the rapid spread of militant, fanatical Islam worldwide, a change began to occur.  Suddenly it was as if all the dire warnings about Communism evaporated virtually overnight, with Islam replacing Communism and being hailed as the greatest threat to Christianity and to the world in existence.  Books appeared, documentaries were produced, seminars were held, the internet was abuzz, and “prophecy experts” now quit falsely accusing Communism of being the fulfilment of prophecies relating to the Beast, the Antichrist, Babylon the Great, etc., and began to falsely accuse Islam of being the fulfilment of these things!

And again – just as had happened when Communism was given prominence, so now as Islam was given prominence – Rome faded far into the background, if it was even in the picture at all as far as most professing Christians were concerned.

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