Bible Prophecy Speaks Of The Papacy, Part II

The following, from one researcher who does not see the Jesuits behind the Illuminati and other secret societies, is nevertheless a good summary of the plots of these organisations: “The goal of this handful of men, the members of the wealthiest families on the planet, the Elite globalist Establishment, is a New World Order – a One World Government under their control.  Secrecy and anonymity are integral to the operations of the Establishment, as are absolute ruthlessness, deep deception, and the most sordid spying and blackmail.  The Establishment turns nations against each other, aims at the destruction of Christianity and other traditional values, creates chaos, deliberately spreads poverty and misery, and then usurps power by placing its hand-picked underlings in place.  These families “buy while the blood is still flowing in the streets” (Rothschild’s dictum).”[23]

“The strategy [of the Illuminati] was to establish and completely control central banks in all European countries, and eventually in America and around the world.  These banks would control the economies of their respective countries, and thereby the politics – and hence the governments.  Through total control of the money system they could launch and finance wars, and manipulate virtually everything.”[24]

There is a vast literature, from all kinds of sources, dealing with the Illuminati, Freemasonry, and many other related or similar organisations.  In some of this literature there is useful researched information – as far as it goes.  But the real power behind these groups is almost never acknowledged, either because it is not known or because the authors in certain cases have deliberately wanted to conceal it.

That real power is Jesuitism.

It is important for Christians to know something about these organisations and societies.  Far too many of the Lord’s people remain very ignorant of these devices of the devil.  That is one danger, at one end of the spectrum.  But there is another danger at the other end: the danger that Christians can become bogged down in the reams of material available on these groups.  This is hugely problematic, for at least two reasons.  The first being that the Bible speaks of Popery – not of the Illuminati, nor of Freemasonry, etc., except incidentally as God’s Word condemns all false religion (for example).  Instead of making the proper understanding of the Roman Catholic institution, as revealed in such places as Revelation 17, the focal point for any research and never deviating from the fact that Holy Scriptures speak of Rome, many professing Christians get bogged down in trying to figure out the seemingly endless ins and outs of the networks of various secret societies, and what they might be doing in the world.  This is time-consuming, time-wasting, and quite frankly, frequently of no real profit.  Again, it is important to know something about these groups.  But it is not important to know every twist and turn, every interconnected thread of the spider’s web.  Again from “Holy War” against South Africa:

“Every now and then, a fact or two comes to light, which enables us to see behind the curtain a little; but we cannot expect to have, and nor do we need, every single conspiratorial detail.  The results of their intrigues are more important to us than the details regarding the intrigues themselves.  We find that there is a plan, spawned by Rome; that the Jesuits in particular, and other Papal emissaries in general, are deeply involved; and every now and then, a detail or two comes to light, which provides further confirmation of this.  That is sufficient.”[25]

By all means do some research!  By all means, know something about these evil societies and groups!  But it is not the main thing.  Are you reading sound doctrinal literature, and literature of practical value to your life as a follower of Christ in this world?  Are you feeding your soul with the great truths of God’s Word, and great expositions of them by the Lord’s servants?  And when it comes to knowing about Satan’s wiles, are you researching and studying about the only one (other than a single chapter on Islam in Revelation 9) which is specifically dealt with in chapter after chapter of God’s own Word – the Roman Papacy?

The Communist Conspiracy

  Before examining the international Communist conspiracy, let it be categorically stated that Communism is by no means dead! It did not collapse in the early 1990s as the naive and foolish West was led to believe.[26]  It is very much alive, still in control in Russia and other former Soviet states, in China, much of Latin America and Africa – and has also now conquered the United States and much of western Europe through the version known as “cultural Marxism”, a fact about which the majorities of the populations of these countries are completely ignorant.  The world, in fact, is far more Marxist today than it was during the days of the Soviet Union.

Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels were financed through the Illuminati;[27] and as the Illuminati is under the Jesuits, we see that Communism, from its earliest stages, was being used as a Jesuit tool to achieve eventual world domination!  This fact is almost completely unknown to the majority of researchers who have exposed something of the international Communist agenda in the world.  And yet it is of paramount importance to a proper understanding of Communism.

Here are the details, from “Holy War” against South Africa:[28]

“Communism did not just arise spontaneously.  The Illuminati was behind it.  John Robison, a Scottish Protestant and professor at the University of Edinburgh, stated, as far back as 1798 in his work, Proofs of a Conspiracy, that Weishaupt’s Illuminati planned to abolish all ordered government, inheritance, private property, patriotism, family, and religion – the very principles found in Communism.[29]  According to one researcher,[30] who, it appears, like many others, unearthed some truth but did not see to the root of it all – the Papacy – the Illuminati in the 1850s were told of a plan to form an Internationale, to be called ‘Communist’.  Its purpose would be to frighten the world into accepting the plans for a world government.  Other researchers concur with this.[31]  Two men, Engels and Marx, were financed, by the Illuminati, to write Das Kapital and the Communist Manifesto.[32]  And the Communist Manifesto was based on Weishaupt’s ideas.[33]

“In 1864, Marx founded the Internationale, for gaining world control, just as the Illuminati wanted.  International Communism was funded by the financiers who supported the Illuminati.[34]

“Such evidence as exists, then, points to the fact that Communism was a creation of the Illuminati.  And since the Illuminati was under the control of the Jesuits, Communism was a daughter of the Roman Catholic institution!”

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