Bible Prophecy Speaks Of The Papacy, Part II

The Illuminati/Freemason Conspiracy

  I am well aware that some might split hairs and separate the Illuminati from Freemasonry, while others would want all kinds of other secret societies and movements to be dealt with as well.  Yes, there have been for many centuries a huge number of secret societies, organisations and movements working for world control;[12] but a great many of these are merely branches, with differing degrees of power and influence, of the Illuminati.  And as it is the Jesuits of Rome who are the real power behind the Illuminati, they are the real power behind the majority of the other societies and groups as well.

As I wrote in my book, Satan’s Seat: “The evidence… points to the fact that, at a very early stage, the ‘Alumbrados’ (the ‘Illuminati’), in Spain, came under the control of the [newly-established] Jesuits.  Loyola [the Jesuit founder] was tried for alleged sympathy with it as early as 1527;[13] later, we are informed, its members came especially from the Jesuit Order;[14] and two centuries later… they were firmly in control of the Illuminati.  The Illuminati was a secret society, the purpose of which was (and still is) to control the world, putting it under the pope.”[15]  Indeed, according to the Encyclopaedia Britannica, not only did was it the case that “the Alumbrados came especially from…Jesuits”, but also, it “was organised along Jesuit lines and kept internal discipline and a system of mutual surveillance based on that model.”[16]

The following is from my book, “Holy War” against South Africa: “Researchers almost invariably point to Adam Weishaupt, a Jew, as the founder of the Illuminati, in 1776.  But they do not probe deep enough (or, if they do, they deliberately gloss over certain facts).  He established the Illuminati in Bavaria; but as the evidence given above reveals, the Illuminati existed long before 1776.  It has many branches; and the term itself can be very broad in meaning, covering all those involved in the internationalist conspiracy, and not merely a single, specific order of men.  Certainly Weishaupt established such an order in Bavaria, and there is no reason to doubt that the Illuminati, as an order, still exists; but in addition, the spirit of Illuminism permeates many secret societies and organisations, interlocking and very complex, and all working for the same goals.  And in the shadows, behind the Illuminati, are the Jesuits.  Not only do we see them controlling the Illuminati of Spain in the sixteenth century, but they created Weishaupt’s Illuminati Order in the eighteenth century.  The facts, extremely important, are these:

“Weishaupt was professor of canon law at Ingolstadt University in Bavaria.  What is the significance?  This: Ingolstadt was a Jesuit university, and a centre of the Jesuit Counter-Reformation![17]  And Weishaupt was a trained Jesuit, a professor at this Jesuit university!  The Encyclopaedia Britannica says that he was ‘A former Jesuit’.[18]  But no former Jesuit would have been able to continue his professorship at a Jesuit university!  The Britannica reveals much, but one has to look deeper.  The fingerprints of the Jesuits can be seen all over the creation of the Illuminati.  Weishaupt would not have been a former Jesuit, but a Jesuit in good standing.  It serves the purposes of the Jesuits if people are convinced that he was a former Jesuit, who founded the Illuminati.  For then they will not come to the conclusion that the Illuminati was founded and controlled by the Jesuits.  The Jesuits, of course, would not want this fact known.  But the evidence reveals it to be so.

“The goal of the Illuminati is world control (and this is the Jesuits’ goal): control through politics, economics, religion, etc.”[19]

Many have claimed that “the Jews” are the real and sole puppet masters behind Freemasonry, and thus of the Illuminati as well.  They point to Adam Weishaupt being a Jew, and to other evidences of Jewish influence within these secret movements.  But in this they err.  Yes, Weishaupt was a Jew by birth, but he was a Jesuit of Rome by religion!  The Jesuits want the world to think that “the Jews” are behind the Illuminati and all Freemasonry; but this is a smokescreen.  Yes, much of the symbolism, etc., of Masonry is influenced by Jewish Cabalism; but there is much more within Masonry than Cabalistic influence.  And yes, as shown above, there are specifically Jewish Masonic groups; but Masonry, in its internationalist character, is not controlled by the Jews.  Jews are certainly members of Masonic lodges and Illuminati groups; but so are people of many different nationalities and “races”.  The following by Bernard Lazare, a Jewish authority on anti-Semitism, is a good summary: “What then was the connection between these secret societies and the Jews?… It is clear… that the Jews were not the dominant factors in these associations…. It is true, of course, that there were Jews connected with Freemasonry from its birth, students of the Kabbala, as is shown by certain rites which survive.  It is very probable, too, that in the years preceding the outbreak of the French Revolution, they entered in greater numbers than ever into the councils of the secret societies, becoming indeed themselves the founders of secret associations.  There were Jews in the circle around Weishaupt, and a Jew of Portuguese origin, Martinez de Pasquales, established numerous groups of illuminati in France…. The lodges which Martinez founded were mystic in character, whereas the other orders of Freemasonry were, on the whole, rationalistic in their teachings…. though the Jews might very well have been active participants in the agitation carried on by the secret societies, it was not because they were the founders of such associations, but merely because the doctrines of the secret societies agreed so well with their own.”[20]

Yes, the Illuminati is very real, very secretive, and very powerful.  Many of the world’s richest men and families are part of it, and their money moves the world.  The Rothschilds are one such family, wealthy beyond all imagining and with immense power over world affairs.  As Baron Nathan Mayer de Rothschild once said: “I care not what puppet is placed on the throne of England to rule the British Empire on which the sun never sets.  The man that controls Britain’s money supply controls the British Empire, and I control the British money supply.”[21]

The Rockefellers are another such family.  In his memoirs published in 2002, David Rockefeller, Sr., stated that his family had been attacked by “ideological extremists” for “more than a century…. Some even believe we are part of a secret cabal working against the best interests of the United States, characterizing my family and me as ‘internationalists’ and of conspiring with others around the world to build a more integrated global political and economic structure – one world government, if you will.  If that’s the charge, I stand guilty, and I am proud of it.”[22]

There are a great many secret societies, as well as open and known organisations and groups (although secrecy defines the functions and operations even of the known ones), all working for the same objective: world domination.  To name just some of these: the Council of Foreign Relations, the Bilderbergers, the Trilateral Commission, the Royal Institute of International Affairs.  They all overlap and interlock in very complex ways, with the Illuminati being above them all, and permeating them all (but with the Jesuits being behind the Illuminati).  Just because these groups are not as great a threat as Popery, this does not mean they do not exist, nor that they are of no consequence.  They do, and they are.

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