Bible Prophecy Speaks Of The Papacy, Part I

Popery vs. Other False Religions

Shaun Willcock

Bible Prophecy Speaks of the Papacy Part One, PDF format

Various false religions, cults, and antichristian movements are exposed in books, DVDs, seminars, on the internet, etc.  The professing “Christian” world is awash in information regarding the New Age Movement, Freemasonry, Satanism, Witchcraft, Islam, etc.  A glance through the materials available on these subjects will soon reveal that much of this “information” is deliberately designed to be sensationalistic, churned out by men of dubious spiritual qualifications and peculiar doctrinal persuasions, but evidently with enough business sense to recognise a bandwagon when they see one, and to waste no time in jumping aboard! There are, of course, materials written by truly concerned Christians whose laudable desire is to expose these works of darkness.

Certainly, cults and false religions must be exposed. For one thing, their adherents need to be evangelised; they need to hear the glorious Gospel of the Son of God. And Christians must be aware of what these groups believe, so as to be able to expose their false beliefs in the light of Scripture. For another thing, these evil organisations would, if possible, persecute the Church of Christ – and do when they have the power – or seek to destroy it by various other means.  Thus an exposure of the enemies of the Church of Christ is very important.

But the Christian who is sound in his understanding of prophetic Scripture, and who knows which organisation is the greatest of them all, and the only one which fulfills the prophecies of the Word of God, will be able to place any exposés of the others in the right perspective. Sadly, very few are doing this today.

The Bible speaks, at length and in detail, of only one false religious system: the Roman Catholic institution. In the prophecies of Daniel, 2 Thessalonians 2, Revelation and elsewhere, the Holy Spirit has shown God’s people where to focus the most attention. The Roman Catholic institution is set before the people of God as the greatest enemy the Christian Church has ever had, or will ever have. Thus while other evil institutions must be exposed, because of their false doctrines and evil deeds, so that their adherents may, by the grace of God, be brought to a saving knowledge of Jesus Christ, and so that the Christian Church may be aware of Satan’s many devices, Christians need to understand that many of these systems are merely “daughters,” but not the “Mother”(see Rev.17:5); that they do not, and never will, fulfil Bible prophecy; and that the Papacy, above all, must be exposed.

As concern about the Papacy waned within the professing Church, Freemasonry, Satanism, witchcraft, and some of the cults became for a long time the focus of the attention of many.  These things were later overshadowed by a stampede to expose the New Age Movement.  Then this, in turn, was eventually overshadowed by the huge interest in understanding and exposing Islam, as that religion rose to greater prominence in the world.  But again: a sound understanding of biblical prophecy will keep these matters in perspective. Bible prophecy speaks of Rome. This is a truth so plain that even enemies of the Gospel have recognised it. Her works and doctrines, more than any others, must be exposed. There was a time when this was almost universally understood. While other false systems were exposed as well, the blasphemous doctrines and dark deeds of the Papacy were exposed far more. But two things, in particular, have combined to alter that once-common state of affairs.

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