September 2017

We wanted you to know that we are finding your Bible study series, Christ in the Book of Isaiah, most instructive.  Though I am well-acquainted with Is. 53 which speak of the sufferings of the Lord Jesus Christ, I did not realize that throughout the book of Isaiah there are many references that point to Christ.  Many thanks for bringing these passages to our attention and for our thoughtful consideration.  It is as you say quite astonishing when you stop and consider that Isaiah lived seven centuries before Christ.

United States

Just to express appreciation of your recent articles and newsletter.  It is hard to fathom why true believers disagree when the Bible is so clear.  Presbyterians stumble over baptism, Spurgeon’s spiritual successors don’t fully discern Rome or Wesley.  Spurgeon was undoubtedly very gifted – his works are very devotional.  He was a historic millennialist, although he wasn’t much interested in Bible prophecy – he had a high regard for Madame Guyon.
I hope your ministry will encourage more people to take note of these things and be like the Bereans.


I would like to thank you for your book on the Jesuit army [The Jesuits: the Secret Army of the Papacy]…. I am still studying your wonderful book on Samson and his dealings with the Philistines [The Life and Ministry of Samson the Strong].  Reading such a book, or the Bible for that matter, is not like reading a novel.  The Almighty by His Holy Spirit begins to work in my life and this takes time and effort.

South Africa

You’re probably aware of the latest judgement on Catholic Portugal.  On the August 15th Feast of the Assumption in Madeira which attracts international crowds, a tree collapsed on people queueing to buy candles for the procession, killing 12 instantly (now 13) and injuring 50.  This follows the devastating forest fires that killed 64 and the two deaths when a plane came down on a beach near Lisbon.
May this lead people to think on these things.


Be assured of this, Shaun, that our little group holds you up before the throne of Grace regularly and we appreciate the work that you do for our Lord Jesus and his kingdom.


Many thanks for your email with attachment about the Roman Catholics [Are Some Roman Catholics Christians?].  I enjoy reading your papers, they are good to read and easy to follow your logical explanation.  Very well written.  Most authors write too long with complicated words and they make themselves look clever with writing but they do not serve its purpose to help us.  I agreed everything you said.


When I hear Reformed preachers speak, they reference a lot of the Reformers, rather than Scripture.  Why can’t they see the errors of these human traditions?  After misplacing them, I discovered that we have your sermon series on baptism and have listened to it.  Knowing what I do now about the false teachings I’ve heard recently, they have been a tremendous blessing!  It grieves my soul that so many Christians hold to these traditions of men.  We are such a tiny remnant as it is and then you have these divisions which slice us up into smaller fragments.  We feel that those of us who are like-minded are an infinitesimal number.
The Lonely Christian [pamphlet by Shaun Willcock] needs to be read again.  I think I’ve read that wonderful article 20 times.  I’m very tired of hearing people say that Christians should be in a church, even if it’s “not that great”.  I heard someone reference the church in Corinth as proof that being in a bad church is something we should do as opposed to not going anywhere.  We should, like Paul, speak out against the errors in a church.  How could we go to a church which we know teaches falsehoods, or does not adhere to the regulative principle in worship, and then try to ‘fix it’.  Can you imagine?

United States

Thanks for all you do.  Your ministry is a blessing to many.  You are a powerful voice all over the world through your books and sermons.  I fear for the near future in USA.  Communism has come to the forefront all over the world.  The media here is all about that since Trump was elected.

United States

It is good to be able in some small way to support someone who is not afraid to stand for the Truth of the Word of God.

Northern Ireland

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