September 2017

If you’ve time, take a wee look at events in Scotland.  Marxist agenda pushed by SNP in the name of so-called “progressive politics” as they demand Independence in the face of obvious bankruptcy.  SNP are playing the victim card while creating mayhem.  Following the same plan as ZANU PF, ANC and Sinn Fein here in Northern Ireland.  The really interesting thing is the participation of Rome and the Free Church of Scotland.  On the face of it, it looks like they’ve been used as useful idiots.  Free Church of Scotland are useful idiots, but Rome is not so stupid.  Rome knows exactly what's going on.  SNP stands for abortion and gay marriage yet the Free Church is happy to back it!
Your book “Holy War” against South Africa set out, in my mind, a blueprint for how these people operate.

Northern Ireland

I would like to thank you most kindly for your book, The Life and Ministry of Samson the Strong.  It was a source of great encouragement in a desperate time of trial in my life…. The good Lord used this book mightily to bring deliverance into my life through the power of the Holy Ghost.

South Africa

Truly a harrowing state you and the true Church there in South Africa find yourselves in, in these last days. In your article, “Huge Legal Threat”, you have left nothing untouched or misunderstood but shed such clarity on the subject, losing freedom of speech and religion…
We are all blessed who have received your exhortation and teaching over the years.  You have led us all down the narrow path our Father has called us to follow. 
    United States
The Prophecies of Daniel is AMAZING!  It all fits together, not like Futurism speculation and nonsense.


This is our ANZAC DAY in Australia and New Zealand.  We went out to the Dawn Remembrance, to honour our men and women of the armed forces, whose lives were taken by wars.  Your article, Another Mass Grave of Babies, is by far worse than any world war.  It amounts to Rome’s war on the most vulnerable of all.  Her hypocrisy knows no end!  Her evil is a bottomless pit, and her judgement sleepeth not!  We always comment that Rome’s hands are dripping with blood and gore.
We took the liberty of publishing this article on our blog spot.  May the Lord awaken the church – now asleep in the light!
May our blessed Lord continue to encourage you to write for Him against this Antichrist system.


My husband is reading your article [The Lunatics are Running the Asylum] and is so shocked.    I feel I must send this out to many on my lists… I feel an urgency that this must go out.  Thank you for all your precious articles. 


I’ve been asking people for 15 years to quote ONE verse of prophecy that specifically implicates Rome would be emerging as the end-time beast, and nobody has ever been able to do it.  Can you quote ONE?
Got the courage to put this Islam/Rome thing to a debate?  Let’s put it on YouTube.  You say Rome, the scriptures and I say Islam.  Your blasphemy is going to be publicly exposed at some point in time anyway.  Contact me.  I’m retired and can travel.  

Country unknown (by email)

(The above came, out of the blue, from a man who had never written before.  It demonstrates the sad reality that there are some people who, in addition to being ignorant of the Scriptures while utterly convinced that they are right, also demonstrate a thoroughly unchristian attitude when seeking to win “converts” to their false cause. – Shaun Willcock)

Once again finding your books a real blessing – really looking forward to the one on Revelation which I believe you have planned.  Praying for you that the Lord will give you strength and keep you safe.


I just finished with Revelation 15 [the recorded series on The Book of Revelation].  I am really enjoying this study of how history fulfils prophecy to the minute details.

South Africa

I enjoyed your article, Are Christians Unloving, Intolerant Bigots? Once again, you hit the nail SQUARELY on the head, my friend, and proclaimed the truth that: “it’s not hatred to tell the truth about sin and its consequences.”  Just the opposite: it is love.  Matthew Henry wrote: “The greatest kindness we can do to one that is going a dangerous way is to tell him of his danger.”  So true!  We live in such upside down, hateful times that whenever we try to tell the truth or try to warn we’re labeled as haters.  However – no matter what, as believers we’ve got stand on the bedrock of God’s truth in order to make it from day to day – constantly resting in Him and abiding by Him.  Dear friend, I thank God for the boldness He gives you.  Your articles provide much needed clarity and Scriptural precision in this dark, apostate hour.  Thank you so much for that – and may the Lord continue to keep you strong, in Him.  He is worthy to be praised.

United States