September 2013


I just finished reading your article on David Livingstone [“The Highest Will Lead Me Further”: the Life and Legacy of David Livingstone].  It is wonderful!  It had me in tears on and off throughout.  What a testimony to the goodness of the Lord and such an encouragement to all of us to see the example of such a godly man.  He and his wife made such sacrifices for the service of our Lord.  I love reading about missionaries; it brings such conviction and encouragement… The only time I ever heard of Dr. Livingstone growing up was when someone would say jokingly “Dr. Livingstone, I presume?”  I had no idea what that meant or who the man was.  It wasn’t until we came to know you that I learned who he was… Thank you for writing this.  You don’t have to be from Africa to benefit from knowing about his wonderful life in the Lord’s service.  It just goes to show that in the family of God, we have such a bond of affection, no matter where we’re from, or which century!  I must also say, poor Spurgeon – to be the example of so many erroneous statements!  This article is one of the best I’ve ever read about a fellow believer.

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[The Livingstone treatise] was a great sermon within a short book and as well very interesting with little known history and stories [“The Highest Will Lead Me Further”: the Life and Legacy of David Livingstone].  It really was a blessing and convicted me as well… Thanks so much for all your effort.

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Thanks so much for this summary of the history of David Livingstone [“The Highest Will Lead Me Further”: the Life and Legacy of David Livingstone].  I never really knew the history, but if I did would probably not have known his Christian life history.  It was truly inspiring to read.  Even his wife’s relationship with him is an inspiring one for the marriage life.

South Africa


I have appreciated much of your articles and enjoyed your defense of the faith and I am thankful to the Lord raising up men in these last days willing to be valiant Christian soldiers, but because of your Calvinist beliefs I cannot in a clear conscience before my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ continue to read them.  Thus being compelled by conviction of the Spirit and a willingness to obey God's Word, I kindly ask you to remove me from your email list.

Furthermore, if you are willing, I have added an ebook [by David Cloud] for you to consider reading concerning the doctrine of Calvinism.

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(In reply):

Thank you for your email. I appreciated the spirit in which you wrote, even though it is sad that you are in such error on this point. We will remove you from our mailing list as you requested.

With regards to the ebook you attached: you presume that I have not studied (or not properly studied) the Arminian heresy.  I most certainly have done so, in great detail over many years, and in fact I was an Arminian myself many years ago, before the Lord through His Word revealed its lies to me.  Those who believe in the doctrines of sovereign grace have been refuting the Arminian distortions of God's Word for centuries, long before David Cloud came out with his own offering in defence of such error.  Many Arminian authors, in fact, have been far more cunning and clever (with human wisdom) than Mr Cloud.  Nothing he could say, after centuries of Arminianism being thoroughly refuted, could put a new angle on it or somehow make a more convincing argument for what is, essentially, merely the modern development of the errors of Arminius.  Arminianism is the doctrine of the natural man, not of the Holy Scriptures.  It is indeed a "Jesuit drug" (Toplady); "the elixir of Antichristianism; the mystery of the mystery of iniquity; the Pope's cabinet; the very quintessence of equivocation" (quoted by Christopher Ness).

May the Lord yet enlighten you as well, as He has done for so many sincere but misguided Arminians, past and present. – Shaun Willcock



Who the — are you to celebrate Ian Smith in the name of Christianity?  He was a racist who created the monster Mugabe.  You should be ashamed to call yourself Christian.  You are no more Christian than Tony Blair or George Bush.  Being a Christian is not the same as calling yourself Christian.  May God have mercy on the lies you tell in the name of Christianity.  Jesus Christ would never have endorsed the segregation and forced labour that was visited on the black people who lived under the yolk of the white minority regime in Rhodesia.  You are anti-Christ.  I hiss at you because you are Satan.  But I still pray for your redemption when you admit the evil of your ways.



Stop going on you are murderous — trying to justify your colonial suppression by rewriting South Africa’s history.  You are the scum of the earth.  Calling yourself Christian does not make you good.  Repent before you go to hell.

From the same anonymous person as above


(Like many other cowardly enemies of the Gospel and of true history who have written hate-filled emails or letters to us over the years, the writer of the two emails above did so anonymously.  He or she spews out profanities at us yet calls himself or herself a Christian. We never stated (in our article Good Old Smithy: the Passing Away of Ian Douglas Smith) that Ian Smith was a Christian, although we did state he was a very good prime minister of Rhodesia.  He certainly did not “create” the Marxist maniac Robert Mugabe.  For all its faults Rhodesia was a far better place, for blacks as well as whites, than the nightmare state that is Zimbabwe today. – Shaun Willcock)


Many thanks for all your hard work in your ministry.  May the Lord continue to bless you.



Thanking you for a tremendous ministry.

South Africa


I have recently read your book Satan’s Seat and have now passed it onto my husband.  Though I knew most of it, I found it so helpful as I lacked much of the history and it has been a great refreshing.  I would like to receive 5 copies if possible.  I can think of several who would find this timely and most beneficial.



[After reading our article The Media Myth and Global Cult of Nelson Mandela] Worship of Mandela is not restricted to South Africa, nor is the worship of Mandela the only case of the worship of a political despot.  In America we now have the majority worshipping the president simply because he advocates and practices the embracement of Communist ideals and he encompasses going with the murdering Muslims because they are in his embracement and sympathy for their cause.  South Africa is politically and economically now at a point in time simply because the majority want something for nothing by the government “robbing from the rich to give to the poor”, and those who want something for nothing are willing to take any measure to accomplish and keep their sinister but unreal idealism in force against the minority, whom they look upon as being the rich and the cause of their not being rich.  Is not this same mentality now permeated throughout the U.S.?  If it was not for the U.S. Constitution the U.S. would now be in the very same condition as is South Africa; but do not be lulled to sleep, the Communist in charge in the U.S. will slowly but surely further destroy all provisions and intent of the U.S. Constitution and then seize dictatorship power under an obviously wrong approach but the masses will worship him because he is “robbing from the rich and giving it to the poor”.  Poor blind fools, do they not see further than the end of their noses?  Evidently not, and they do not care because they are getting something for nothing by the robber barons in Government using ill-gotten taxes to buy votes from those who are getting all the freebies.

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It must not be easy to live through the end of Mandela’s life.  It is in some ways amazing to see how men who carried out so much evil have been made to appear so good.  And the mixture of Marxism with religion is what is the most repulsive.  Thank you for your last article [The Media Myth and Global Cult of Nelson Mandela].  It explains so well why this is the case in South Africa…

The situation here is probably better than in South Africa but most evidently men of little moral standard and principle are in power and the pressure is on to have such wicked laws as same-sex marriage adopted.  I believe we need to think about preparing ourselves and our children to confront more evil days to come so as to be able to resist persecution without compromising our faith.

Northern Ireland


Thank you very much for writing these two articles [on Nelson Mandela]: I have found them very interesting and encouraging.  I just hope that the Lord is pleased to save Mr Mandela very soon, otherwise he will shortly be going to a place where he will have to answer for his crimes.  
Keep going: it’s very encouraging to hear your voice speaking out when most others aren’t!



Thank you for your articles on Mandela and the changing of history.  Here in Northern Ireland we have the same changing of history by the false mother and her harlot daughters.  We now see a shrine to the IRA Satanists is to be erected in the former prison of Maghaberry.  What this harlot and her daughters will not tell the people is, that the souls of these murders are now in Hell suffering the eternal wrath of God.

The saddest thing about Northern Ireland is that we were led astray by that Jesuit Ian Paisley, a man who split up every form of good in our little country, and left the Protestant people at the mercy of Rome.

The Protestant people of Northern Ireland are in the same position as the Jews before the 2nd world war, then the people were told by their political and religious leaders not to worry, all was well, but by the time the people woke up there were millions slain, thankfully the British and Americans came to their rescue.

The only answer to our situation here is for the people by the grace of the Almighty God to turn to that same God and ask for forgiveness and deliverance.  For the difference between the Jews and our people is, that America and Britain are the joint architects of our destruction under the direction of Rome.  Pray for us brother that the Lord will intervene for us.

Northern Ireland



I read your article on Mandela.  It was excellent!  You didn’t mince any words – that’s for sure!  As I read your article, I saw so many sad parallels between Mandela and Obama.  It’s tragic how un-thinking the average person is (and I’m sure you’ll see how the divisiveness of Obama is very similar to that of Mandela).  After all, that Marxist/Socialist tactic is still the same, no matter where it is employed.

I believe your article did an excellent job of deconstructing the myths that have been manufactured about Mandela; and cutting through the outrageous lies and destructive propaganda with the precision of a razor!

Sadly, it seems that no matter how ironclad the truth is (with all of its overwhelming evidence), people instead continue to blindly or (at least) obstinately cling to the hype surrounding Mandela.  They gloss over the factual reports about his terrorist, treasonous activities and lust for violence, and casually dismiss the incendiary things that he has said (throughout the years) as if it means nothing.

As I read your article, I saw chilling parallels between Nelson Mandela and Barack Obama. Both have certainly employed the core Marxist philosophy of “divide and conquer;” and both have a passionate hatred of capitalism (despite living materially well beyond the average citizen).  In fact, Erik Rush correctly wrote, “Cultural balkanization is how Marxists have always subjugated the pre-eminent societal paradigm.”  And to think that these two impostors – one a “convicted saboteur” and the other a standing president guilty of impeachable crimes – were recipients of the Nobel Peace Prize, when peace is the last thing they engender!  I like the way Aida Parker put it when she wrote, “If ever we needed proof that the world is suffering from some form of collective dementia, the (shared) award of the Nobel Peace Prize to Nelson Mandela is it.”  I submit that this “collective dementia” was repeated when the Norwegian Nobel Committee awarded the Nobel Peace Prize to Barack Obama in 2009.  In fact, since the U.S. was one of the most ardent supporters of the ANC, it’s no wonder (as a country) we are sorely reaping what we have sown in the form of Barack Obama as president.  Specifically, since Obama has been in office we’ve seen our economy severely weakened by a redistributionist agenda; our constitution shredded; civil liberties attacked; critics of his regime brazenly harassed; sodomy promoted and protected; race relations damaged; unjust wars being promulgated – on and on it goes.  And just like Mandela has deluded “worshippers”, it defies all logic that Obama still has defenders of his administration. Mind-boggling!

So thank you, friend, for clearly doing your homework and standing firmly on the truth – regardless of how unpopular or inconvenient it is to the masses who vigorously idolize Mandela.  May the Lord open these peoples’ eyes to the truth about this man and (ultimately) to His truth, so they can forsake the deception and the sinister indoctrination.

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The article [The Media Myth and Global Cult of Nelson Mandela] is very useful.  Praise God for the effort in putting it together.



God bless your faithful labours.



I read your pamphlet, Are Some Roman Catholics Christians? again.  It’s very good and reminded me of hearing a professing evangelical going on about how Charismatics are his brothers and sisters in the Lord.  He sounds a lot like Luther in proclaiming their “excesses” are a problem, but they are definitely Christians.  He said that cessasionists and Charismatics just have a “difference of opinion” and that this is a secondary or tertiary matter.  I think some of these professing evangelicals have it all the way to a 10th level of “areas of disagreement” in which it makes no difference what we believe!  This same man also said that the word “Protestant” doesn’t mean to protest anything, but rather to bring forth some truth.  While it is true that true Protestants speak the truth, how absurd to say that the Reformers weren’t protesting anything!  What nonsense.  A fruit of the ignorance of Popery by the vast majority of professing Christians!

You may have heard that our Supreme Court overturned a law that said homosexuals may not have the same tax, health etc. benefits as married persons….  So now same-sex marriages are legal in California.  If California were to sink any lower we could rightfully call ourselves Atlantis!  It won’t be long at all before same-sex marriage will become federal law.  How long before plural marriages will be?  The polygamists are already talking about it!  And then marrying animals and it will go on and on until what?  Where is the bottom of this nightmarish barrel?

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How can this man [Desmond Tutu] have been appointed the head of the South African Anglican church?  The mind boggles… He will never see the Kingdom of God if he carries on like that [see our article Desmond Tutu Says He Would Rather Go to Hell than to a “Homophobic Heaven”]. And to think that the world opens its door to him at every occasion he opens his mouth.  Indeed, that man is Satan inspired and he will meet him in the fullness of time!



I found your recent material about Mandela useful.  When the old man finally passes from this scene of time into eternity there will be an almighty hue and cry from this side of the divide.  I fear the cries from the other side will be Nelson’s own.



We’re on the last [of your recorded sermons] of Rev 16.  It’s so exciting to think that we’re in the very last of the last days.  It’s awesome to see how the Lord has, and is, working in the world to perform his will.  Can you imagine speaking to most professing Christians of your correct, exegetical teaching on Armageddon?!  How wonderful to see you add to the Historicist teaching in our age!  It must have been exciting for you to see this.  It makes perfect sense.  I hate to say that we’re waiting very un-patiently for the next chapters!

We listened to your two sermons on Separation from the World again this week and were greatly blessed by them.  I found your five-sermon series on the Holy Spirit in the cupboard we store all the sermons in, and it had been one I ordered many years ago on tape!  Somehow it was hidden.  They are very good.  May our Lord richly bless you for your devotion to him and the teaching of his Word.

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I’ve started to read “Holy War” Against South Africa and as you say you can see God’s providential hand “working all things after the counsel of his own will.”  O how we need reminding of it today as “evil men are waxing worse and worse.”  I am amazed at the deception of Nelson Mandela; I know Christians here who have his biography on their bookshelves in admiration of him!

Again many blessings to you and yours.



Thank you so much for this article [Contending for the Faith Against the Heresies of Our Times].  Have sent it out to many.  May God mightily use this for His glory.  God bless you.



The writing by Shaun Willcock [Contending for the Faith Against the Heresies of Our Times]  is a setting forth the truth, as it is in Christ Jesus; and will not go out of season for those who have been wrought upon by the Holy Spirit.  Such writings will never “go out of style” as does natural, man-made fads; and those institutions and movements spoken against by Shaun Willcock are of the man-made fads that will always come about to harass and cause trouble for those of the TRUE Church.

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