September 2011

Just finished reading two of your articles about the Revolutions in the Middle East [The Arab World Explodes and Behind the Arab Revolutions].  My what opening of my understanding I got from those articles!!!  I would say probably what is happening in the Middle East is now happening in England, especially London.  Anything you could add to this would be appreciated. Thank you for your input.  God Bless you and your ministry.


I have been listening to your sermons on The Life and Ministry of Samson.  They are very good and so full of great teaching on so many subjects!  I’m really enjoying them.  Who knew there was so much in the life of Samson?  You’re right, we think of two things only when it comes to him.  It’s so good that you did this series.  I marvel at the facts showing he was a type of Christ.  Growing up in false churches you rarely heard preaching on Christ or all of the types of him.  Christ is secondary in the false professing “church”.  But when you’re truly converted, you love to hear preaching and teaching about him.

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Our August Newsletter, which is currently being printed, includes your article entitled Morning Prayer.  Few professing Christians in our day appear to realise the importance of regular prayer and I am afraid it is often the case with the Lord’s people that He brings them into various troubles and afflictions to teach them how vital real prayer is.  If everything goes smoothly in our lives prayer can easily become a formality, such is the sadness of our condition by nature.


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