September 2011

A sample of letters received September 2011

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Thanks for bringing to the world’s attention this preposterous claim by Rome [the article A Brazen Claim that Rome had a Role in Producing the King James Version].  It was drummed into my head since childhood that wilfully reading versions of Scripture that did not have the “nihil obstat” was mortal sin worthy of excommunication ipso facto.  We were direly warned not to read “Protestant Bibles”.

Furthermore, it is only recently that Rome has “encouraged” the reading of its OWN Versions by the common folk and insists that one should have the “expert guidance” of the priest!  As recently as the 20th century a priest in Malta (now declared “saint Gorg”) was rebuked by the bishop and fellow clergymen for encouraging “yokels” to learn the Bible (even Rome’s own approved translations of the Vulgate).

As regards Malta, it took “English Protestants”, two centuries ago, to begin translations into Maltese.  Those who helped them with the grammar were dubbed “Protestants” and died in poverty.  For centuries the lesser folk were left without a translation in their own tongue…

It is astounding that “semper eadem” has made such a spectacular U-turn within a few decades.

In the meantime what can one expect from a religious body that declares that its own “Tradition” is the word of God along with the written Word of God?!

Anyone my age (remembering pre-2nd Vatican Council) who grew up in Malta can relate the same story.  Malta, being a small island, represents a microcosm where the sway of Roman Catholicism was applied to the full logical conclusion.  This applies too to… southern Europe.  True, the tune has changed and Scripture (their version) is given more import – yet even the encyclical “Dei Verbum”, while encouraging “the faithful” to read the Bible (their version), comes with a lot of cautions.  Of course, any interpretation that is not approved by the Magisterium is deemed heretical.

The marvel is that the Lord found me and saved me.  I praise and thank the Lord.


Thank you for the article [A Brazen Claim that Rome had a Role in Producing the King James Version].  How we must be aware of Rome’s lies and like you said unless people know history they all will accept the lies.  Oh that the LORD would open the eyes of many who are deceived.

                                                                                                                                                  South Africa

This is EXCELLENT! [the article A Brazen Claim that Rome had a Role in Producing the King James Version].  What a farce for Rome to make such claims.  The extent to which they will lie, cheat and steal for their own wicked purposes is almost unbelievable.  But, then again, we are talking about Antichrist and his institution.  I think we can safely assume the people who own this exhibit are deceived as well.  Just goes to show that you can have all of the religious antiquities you can get your hands on and it does nothing for your eternal soul!

                                                                                                                                                United States

Thanks for your article [A Brazen Claim that Rome had a Role in Producing the King James Version].  I have gone slowly over it and am distributing it to brethren, many of whom have shown great interest in having copies to get to learn out of them.  We [hope for] many more articles from you as they will enlighten minds and in the process our growth shall be increased.  I am praying God to grant me the opportunity and strength to print every article, if possible, for brethren everywhere.


[In response to our article, Witchcraft Murders and Abductions-for-Marriage]

Kidnapping to get brides happens in the US, too, Mormons do it to each other.

                                                                                                                                                United States

In reply:

Yes, Mormons may also kidnap brides.  There is a difference, however: in the USA, this is the policy of a particular cult; it is not the policy of an entire nation, or tribe.  It is analogous to what I wrote in the article about how Satanists in the west commit ritual murders; but this is not the policy of an entire nation or tribe.  In South Africa, however, African tribal religion, adhered to by millions, is presided over by witchdoctors who condone and practice ritual murder as part of their religion.  And kidnapping girls for brides is viewed by certain black nations as a “traditional cultural practice”. – Shaun Willcock

[In response to our article, Witchcraft Murders and Abductions-for-Marriage]

Yeah, a government inspired “code of conduct” for witchdoctors, but spank an unruly child and the right person gets wind of it and you are labeled a child abuser for life and if it’s like here in America you might go to jail as well and since it’s good for ratings it will likely be the lead story on the local news… the same local news that will assure us that Desmond Tutu got it all straightened out for you folks down there in Africa and you can all enjoy the same type American culture we enjoy here… so no way we would even have to consider that young girls are kidnapped for marriage.  Thanks for your ministry and all you do.

                                                                                                                                                United States