November 2016

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I am busy listening to The Footsteps of the Flock [Church history series by Shaun Willcock] and my tapes are somewhat worn out from over use.  Nevertheless, I always find it a great blessing to listen to that…  I found a Catholic website about the Inquisition and it is said that people who were condemned to death only numbered something in the 10 000s according to new sources!  We know very well who the father of lies is and exactly what was made available or maybe what was not made available…

It seems that the bulk of what America poses as churches come together at the top, all proclaiming life changing experiences, without Jesus Christ or with another Christ.  These agents seem to be loved by all and promoted even by some Christians who are too gullible to distrust anyone coming in the name of Christ.  It seems that the word “disciple” had a paradigm shift and no longer means what the Bible intended it to mean.  Separation from those who believe and promote heresies is no longer adhered too.  It is rather those who hold to Biblical truth who are demonised.  Knowing all this makes me so much more thankful for Bible Based Ministries, a lone voice in the wilderness.  I would have been in the midst of all this pseudo religion if it had not been for God’s grace.  Then I would rather walk the path of loneliness.  With all this in mind, it is no wonder that so many are too blind to identify the harlot in the Vatican in Rome and therefore they are now rushing to her, because their minds have been changed by mind-training cell groups in so-called reformed churches.  I know of people who will sit in those churches, never mind the false unbiblical noises that they hear from the pulpit.  Their excuse is that they want to serve the body of Christ.  They see no evil and hear no evil!

I do praise God for the insight He has given you in all these matters and to read so well between the lines.  May the Lord encourage you in your task and may the true church wake up.

South Africa

I was reading your excellent article Trappings of Popery: Praeterism and Futurism.  It really fired me up!  I confess that in my 20s (I'm now 57) I was a Futurist, then wondered if I’d parachuted in from Mars and read the Bible first, would I have spotted the “Rapture” or any of this stuff in His Word?  No!

I began to see “Left Behind” type films as money spinning con tricks.  Futurism is now the default teaching in many brethren assemblies and evangelical churches.

Am I alone in finding myself in despair at the condition of churches and “Christians” these days?  After 24 years we left our little assembly (women – officially silent yet dominating influence).  In our search for an alternative, we found the priesthood of the believer abandoned, the breaking of bread sidelined, Rome’s infant baptism continues and Futurism prevails.  They gorge on the vacuous delusions of Facebook and Twitter.  The young dress like worldly hipsters, donning their flip flops and T-shirts to go abroad to engage in futile “works-religion”.  I suppose it delays facing the reality of getting a proper job.

The Lord would not destroy Sodom for the sake of 10.  I seriously wonder are we rapidly approaching 10 in Northern Ireland.

Ah well.  Better times are ahead on the other side, brother.  Keep up the great work.

Northern Ireland

Brilliant [the pamphlet The “Islamic Antichrist” Deception]!  You hit the nail square on the head.  All is there under our noses.  So close we can’t see it!  We have got used to it I suppose and lamb-likeness so softly envelops and disguises the teeth [of the wolf] till you turn away!  Then you find them razor sharp and like a terrier he goes in for the kill…. A good Presbyterian minister said to me recently that Rome is diminishing, basically dying.  NO.  It is shape-shifting!


We too have been amazed at the “Evan-jellies” (as Richard Bennett calls them) falling into the “Islamic Antichrist” camp.  Even a “good” church which we once attended, but could not anymore, because of the Futurist nonsense.  Sadly, this “good” man is a competent Bible teacher from the rural area where we once lived, KJV, conservative.  But, alas!  A “one man band” and nobody receives a proper hearing…. Your pamphlet is perfect!  Thank you.  Lord willing, we will have it put into tract size pamphlets to send around.

Praying that the Lord will bless and keep you and your family, dear Shaun.


Just wanted to let you know I had occasion to share three of your articles online in a discussion at Yahoo News.  The subject of Pentecostalism came up in the course of a protracted discussion between 3 regular Catholic posters/apologists (who I strongly suspect are either priests and/or seminarians), and two brothers in the Lord…

I posted three of your most instructive articles in that regard, namely:

Protestant Pretenders go on Pilgrimage to the Papacy

Copeland in Popeland: Kenneth Copeland Embraces “Unity” with the Roman Pope

Charismatic Doctrine in the Light of God's Word

I read the articles through myself before posting for the edification of those involved in the discussion and those who may be auditing on the sidelines…

The similarities between Roman Catholicism and Pentecostalism could not be more striking.  I was immediately struck by your summary remarks at the close of the article, Charismatic Doctrine in the Light of God's Word: “The Pentecostal/Charismatic rejection of the true doctrine of Scripture leads to other extremely serious doctrinal errors: the Holy Spirit is glorified, not Christ – contrary to the Word of God (Jn.15:26; 16:14); and regeneration, saving faith, the gift of repentance, the forgiveness of sins, justification – all these great and glorious spiritual blessings are played down as being only ‘step one’: much more is supposedly needed – ‘baptism’.  These are matters that have to do with salvation itself.  The ‘gospel’ of Charismatism is a false ‘gospel’.”

In recent years, we have witnessed the coming together of Pope Francis and the prominent Pentecostal televangelist, Kenneth Copeland.  Copeland’s false prosperity gospel makes him a real hit with those who are of the world, so it’s no big surprise that he and the pope have forged a common bond.  For they both serve the god of mammon.  Follow the money… all roads lead to Rome.  Mr. Copeland is famous for his “name it and claim it” maxim.  As Christ said: “for where your treasure is, there will your heart be also” (Matt. 6:21); “ye cannot serve God and mammon” (Matt. 6:24).

In truth, Roman Catholicism and Pentecostalism have much in common.  Both look to “signs and wonders”, special revelations their followers claim they receive.  And the censure of Christ rests upon them: “An evil and an adulterous generation seeketh after a sign” (Matt. 12:39).  “For there shall arise false Christs, and false prophets, and shall show great signs and wonders; inasmuch that, if it were possible, they shall deceive the very elect” (Matt. 24:24).
On a personal note, let me just offer a few words of appreciation:

How good it is to call you my “brother in the Lord.”  I thank God for your faithful gospel ministry through which I am truly blessed.  How grateful I am that God put you in my path.    You speak and write out of the “good treasure of your heart.”  Unlike the false preachers abroad in our day that seek to make a name for themselves, you seek only to exalt the person and work of the Lord Jesus Christ by publishing his name and proclaiming his glorious truth.  Your ministry bears the distinguishing marks of a faithful ministry: “sound doctrine” and the “wholesome words of our Lord Jesus Christ” – 1 Tim. 6:3. May God be pleased to add the increase to your labours in the Word.

United States

Dear Brother, thank you for another excellent article [The Desire of All Nations], what a shame this solid doctrine is believed by so few professing Christianity.  Your article The “Islamic Antichrist” Deception was well overdue, it appears the Jesuits have captured the overwhelming majority, and once again the great false church, consisting of both corrupt Protestantism and Romanism are deceived, but the Lord be praised the elect can never be deceived.  Is there any possibility you would ever preach again in Northern Ireland?

Northern Ireland

Thank you for the article, The Desire of All Nations.  It is beautiful.

South Africa

Thank you for your recent article Why is Francis Encouraging Muslim Immigration?  I couldn’t agree with you more.  This article truly draws back the Purple Curtain.  They (Rome) are playing with fire!  So is America!  With the feminizing of European men and also American men they will be no match for Muslim men.  With Muslim refugee immigration will come high birth rates and the growth of the Muslim population and soon they will run for political offices like London’s Mayor.  And then like Revelation says, “They will burn her (Rome) with fire!” Rev. 17:16.  I believe she has sealed her doom this time.  Dark days ahead for all of us.  “Even so come quickly Lord Jesus.” Rev. 22:20.  God bless you.

United States

It’s a very enlightening article you have written [Why is Francis Encouraging Muslim Immigration into Europe?] and I think it will help many people make some sense of what is going on across Europe in particular, and of course that’s a very “hot topic” as we are currently going through the run-up to the referendum on UK EU membership.  We are really seeing the whole range of corrupt politicians, media and big corporate interests ganging up together to try and frighten us into voting to remain.  

Northern Ireland

It is not often I read someone’s interpretation of world events for what they are [the article Why is Francis Encouraging Muslim Immigration into Europe?].  Well written indeed…. Keep up the wonderful work.

New Zealand

Thank you so much for all the information you send through so regularly – so important as we are mostly ignorant of what is taking place in the world and do not understand the real motives, or who is behind, the various scenarios that are being played out…  Could I please order the final chapter in The Book of Revelation [sermon series]…

May the Lord continue to uphold and help you in your ministry and witness and bless your endeavours.


I love what you said in your article [The Infiltration of Churches by “Gender Justice” Jihadists] about Christians not fearing homosexuals, but God!  Perfectly said.  That term “homophobia” is ridiculous, but it works in their favor as it is so derogatory.  After the Orlando shooting, leftists on Twitter were blaming Christians for it!  The world is so upside down.  My question is, why do these people (like Tutu’s daughter) want to be associated with Christianity at all?  There’s nothing Christian about them.  Why don’t they just call themselves pagans or something similar since that's what they are.  The devil has many schemes.

The evidence that we are in the little season is everywhere, isn’t it?  We truly live in a world of total darkness.   We listened to one of your Rev. 20 sermons the other night and you were talking about the little season and how no one wants to hear the Gospel.  No one wants to hear any truth at all.

We were also very happy about the Brexit result…. A lot of other nations are now wanting to put referendums on their ballots to get out.  What a disaster the EU is, but of course not for the filthy rich globalists, like the pope.  May the Lord’s will be done.  Our own country is a total disaster and getting worse by the minute.  I always think about how the now-gone “divines” would all drop dead from shock if they were able to be on this earth right now.

United States

Thank you for this [the pamphlet Europe in Bible Prophecy] and all the good work you do in keeping us informed of current events and its relation to Bible prophecy.  Like others we are not kept guessing about these matters and we are very grateful for your tireless efforts.

South Africa

This [the pamphlet Europe in Bible Prophecy] is one of the best writings on the state of Europe as it currently is and the history of how it got where it is today.  Much of the worldly philosophy on the end times normally surrounds the situation or thoughts on anti-Christ. Many and varied explanations have been speculated as to when Christ would return and destroy all those who oppose His kingdom here on earth; and in their natural minds assert they know the truth but thus far they have all been wrong.  Elder Shaun Willcock uses history and Scripture to show the truths of what has led up to where we are today, not just in Europe but throughout the world.

United States

Thank you for the much needed article on the KJV Bible (The Incomparable King James Version).  I was saved at age 23 and knew little about the Scripture.  My first Bible was the KJV.  It was my only Bible for years.  By the grace of God and the Holy Spirit I did not find it difficult to understand.  If there was any difficulty it only made me study all the more to seek to understand it better.

As time went on the KJV helped me see the heresy and false teaching arising in our country.  I’ve tried reading the NKJV but it’s just not the same.  All my memory work has been done in the KJV and as I continue to read, it only reinforces my memory work.  God bless you, Shaun.  Again, thank you for all the great articles you produce.

United States

Your articles are always most welcome and we are thankful to the Lord for your stand in the Faith.

Have you written anything on the “Futurist” beginnings and heresy?  We have articles from the web, but sometimes they are from dubious sources.  From you it would make a difference, as we would like to post it on our blog.  Even “reformed” Baptists have run after Futurism, which we see as a dangerous end-time lie.


The Incomparable King James Bible [pamphlet] is good and useful for teaching ministries!  Thanks a lot.  If you remember, a few years ago, we translated into Tagalog your article The Doctrines of Grace.  It is very helpful to our people who cannot read English.

I want to ask permission to print and make xerox copies of The Incomparable King James Bible for distribution among our people who read English.


I wrote you once a while back Shaun, to thank you for your article The Lonely Christian.  But I wanted to let you know I dig my printed copy out every month or two and read it again (Col.3:1; 2 Pet.1:12-13), and find it continues to be an encouragement regarding my situation.  So thanks again. 

United States

By God’s grace, you've done it again!  Your recent article on “Mother” Teresa [“Mother” Teresa a Saint?  Neither in Life Nor in Death] was incredible.  Everything you wrote was a major “slam dunk.”  Yet what a tragedy!  What a crushing tragedy.  In fact, it gave me chills just thinking and imagining how lost and deluded that poor woman was.  The spiritual poison of Roman Catholicism was beyond evident in her life.

Interestingly, Teresa wasn’t even this great humanitarian that the whole world saw her as or believed her to be.  One source that I read reported: “The charge that Teresa loved poverty, NOT the poor – which may be substantiated by her failure to use her sizable donations to actually alleviate some of their poverty and provide adequate treatment for their sickness – might be best judged by her own words … ‘There is something beautiful in seeing the poor accept their lot, to suffer it like Christ’s Passion.  The world gains much from their suffering.’” (“Roman Catholics: Canonizing the Damned,” by Bud Ahlheim. 9/02/16).  Awful.  And apparently a woman named Susan Shields who was a “devoted Catholic Sister” and a former worker for “Mother” Teresa’s Missionaries of Charity left in disgust “over the misuse of millions in charitable donations that never got to their destination – the poor and afflicted.” (“Former Catholic Sister Says Even Mother Teresa is a Fraud,” by Greg Szymanski. 06/06/07).  Sadly, it was reported that Teresa’s missions severely lacked hygiene, adequate food, basic care, painkillers, etc.  And it was also said that the conditions were just deplorable, yet her foundation had raised millions of dollars.  One wonders where all of that money went?  No doubt, it went right back to the evil, slithery coffers of the Vatican.  But, of course, the most deplorable thing of all was her soul-damning, idolatrous, Romanist doctrine of devils (1 Timothy 4: 1-3) – which your article so vividly and brilliantly pointed out.  Oh, as believers we should be praising God that He (in His mercy and grace) rescued us from such darkness.

United States

Good article re: “Mother” Teresa [“Mother” Teresa a Saint?  Neither in Life Nor in Death].  I have read things which would even question that she and her nuns did anything to help the poor in Calcutta.  Their “mission” was dubious in many ways.  It’s so grievous to think that people pray to dead people.  The world is totally superstitious.  Sadly, she was a dark and deceived woman who deceived many herself.  The Nobel Peace Prize is a joke!  Proof of that is that our president got one.  Most everything in this world is ridiculous.

… As soon as you mentioned the word election [in your sermon on Sanctification], [my mother] tuned out and was looking through her Bible for verses to refute it.  My mom was baptized as a Papist when she was 12…  She told us that she thinks Roman Catholic priests can be true Christians and that the priest who baptized her was a Christian.  More and more of the professing Christian world is embracing ecumenism and every false way.  Mormons can be Christians, Papists can be, and on and on it goes…

You’ll be “happy” to know you have again been called a theological Antinomian.  I listened to a sermon by that pastor whom – – sent your book on the Sabbath, and he mentions people like you who attack the “Christian Sabbath” and a “special day of worship for God”.  It’ a complete obfuscation to say it like that. We believe in a special day of worship for God, but not a Sabbath!  This is how people who propagate a so-called “Christian Sabbath” attack all of us.  He also said that William Huntington was a theological Antinomian.  Instead of addressing all of the Scriptures you point out in your book, he attacks a straw man and answers nothing.  You are right when you say they are following a tradition of men that has been ingrained in them since childhood a lot of the time.  They can’t fathom not observing a Sabbath.  And they never address the issue as to how it should be observed by New Testament Christians.

United States

I just finished reading W. Huntington’s The Believer’s Rule of Life.  I’ve also listened to your series on this subject many times.  Every time I hear or read something about Sabbath keeping for NT Christians, I listen to those and the two on the “Christian Sabbath”.  How anyone could label him (or you) Antinomian is beyond me!  [And they do so] based solely on the fact that you do not teach that NT Christians are bound to the Mosaic law.  It seems to be an idol as those who hold to it grew up in it; their parents and grandparents observed it a lot of the time.  Not to mention that the denomination they are in holds to it and if they disavow it they will be kicked out.  And they hold the Puritans in esteem bordering on idolatry, it seems to me.  We love the Puritan writings as much as anyone, but as you well know and say, they weren’t perfect.  Our feeling is that they do not want to really study it because of these things.  They would lose their church and livelihood if they were to give it up…  I suspect that pastor in PA hasn't read your book at all.  How is it possible that someone could read it and still believe a Christian Sabbath is legitimate?  Or at least drop the notion that those of us who reject the Mosaic law as our rule of life are “theological Antinomians”.  That is an oxymoron if I ever heard one!

From what I’ve heard myself, this from Mr. Huntington is exactly right: “They that say this doctrine opens a door to all licentiousness know not what they say.  You saw nothing like that in me; and those that are setting the law perpetually before your eyes, and enforcing holiness from that, in order to blind your mind, and prejudice your soul against the truth and the preachers of it, give you no other proof of their superior holiness than what you hear from their mouth.”

It’s an attitude of “just believe me, what I’m saying is true and biblical”.  Your series on these subjects are FULL of Scripture; and Scripture interpreting Scripture.  You know that the proponents of a Sabbath use very few verses in God’s Word to defend their position and make a lot of inferences.   The particular sermons I listened to which have recently gotten my dander up on this, were full of ad hominem attacks, and blanket statements of “truth” without any biblical support.  I think you are correct when you say that the teachers of this preach on it a lot to try to convince themselves, and their congregations, that it really is biblical.  But with very little biblical support. 

This is RICH too from your article on Assisi!  “He [the pope of Rome] also said: ‘We must never tire of repeating that the name of God cannot be used to justify violence.  Peace alone, and not war, is holy! Our future consists in living together.  For this reason we are called to free ourselves from the heavy burdens of distrust, fundamentalism and hatred.’”  Antichrist is nothing if not a hypocrite.  He recently stated that journalists who write about “conspiracies” are terrorists!  Yes, anyone who dares expose the criminality of the Vatican and all the governments of the world are terrorists who need to be silenced.  One can only imagine what form that silencing would take!

You are correct when you say in your article from 2012 that many Americans have not seen the “creeping Communism” in our country…. If Clinton becomes our next President, persecution will definitely be right around the corner.  She will be a nightmare.  The corruption and wickedness of that couple goes so deep and wide it’s hard to fathom… All you said in this article is, unfortunately, very true.  I cringe when I hear people say that America is a great country.  It's a very wicked country in every way.

United States

Thanks so much for this (Assisi 2016: a Religious Babel).  Very informative, brings the jigsaw pieces together very neatly.  It’s like a great mushroom cloud growing.

Country unknown (by email)

Ministries today are very rare pointing out error, preferring to be quiet, and compromise, they don’t want to take any flack so to speak.  We are now inundated with wolves in sheep’s clothing; it’s the subtle way they win people over (Gen 3:1).  May God continue to bless and extend the work with your flock and protect you all, I often tell folk nothing will happen us unless God allows it, He is in control of all things.


What a great and lengthy writing on such an important subject [Almost 500 Years Later: Roman Catholics Join Lutherans in Commemorating the Reformation!].  I wish it could be read by all “professing Bible believers” in the country.  The blindness of those professing to be Christian is a terrible reflection on the Western World and their leaders have been like those in the days of Jeremiah and others, leading people into ignorance and darkness.

Well done!

United States

I just wanted to inform you of the great encouragement your [articles] are to me, especially in this past year as I have had a season of great challenge both health wise and spiritually.  Anyhow keep up the good work.

United Kingdom

I am really looking forward to reading your Daniel book [The Prophecies of Daniel]!  I have found the Revelation CD’s so instructive and helpful.  The Lord has given you so much light on this subject – all backed up by Scripture – and it is wonderful to see every detail of the Lord’s will being fulfilled generation by generation.  I also think we are living during Satan’s “little season”, the events and scenarios taking place now would have been unimaginable even a few years ago.  If so that means it cannot be long before the Lord returns.  May we be prepared by Him for that tremendous day or for our own last day.

May the Lord continue to uphold and help you in your ministry and enable you to remain faithful to Him and His Word and may your ministry bring forth much fruit.


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