May 2015

[We] are “escapees” from Rome…. We have some lovely friends who also “escaped”.  Your books have gone to them and they are passing them on to family and friends.  Your books and teaching pack the very needed punch!


I am a greatly concerned South African, thank you so much for the information, 99.9% of what I read I didn’t know.  This Mandela was a devil…  The problem is that most South African citizens are not following God hence they don’t have the love of the truth because they have rejected The Truth, the Lord Jesus Christ.  They keep telling me that Mandela freed them, this is blasphemy of course!  They ignore that everything is decreed by God…. They have put their hopes on this man who died and went to Hell rather than Jesus… 

South Africa

Recently in [online] discussions relating to the pope, I shared some excerpts from your article The Present Pope, Like Every Pope before Him, Is THE ANTICHRIST, and directed readers to your website as well.  I plan on posting this in connection with all pope-related articles, of which there are many.  Hopefully your commentary will encourage some to give these solemn matters their thoughtful and prayerful consideration.  I am quite certain that it will also generate some hate mail as well from Catholic apologists.

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