May 2015

The general re-writing of history is widespread.  Unfortunately… for many years I saw it as just a localised agenda to push women’s rights, to demonize all past white exploration and to de-christianise our beginnings…. It has only been in more recent years that I’ve realised the global approach and agenda of re-writing all histories and many more aspects…

My mother came from a Roman Catholic family and both my parents came to the sovereign grace truths in the early 1960s.  So they always referred to the Roman church as the antichrist…. However, as time went on, ministers and church members, whilst still saying the Roman church was bad would say the pope may not necessarily prove to be the antichrist and that the Roman church was no more bad than any other Arminian church…. We were perplexed and frustrated by this change.

In time, we discovered the work of the Illuminati, the freemasons and various other secret societies.  In more recent years the global increase, spread and acceptance of the Roman institution as THE church was clear but I couldn’t see how it was linked with the secret societies, nor could I see the political intrigues.  I still saw one as secular and one as the religious realm.

Recently, in Australia, like many western countries we have seen the rise of Islam and its push for more say in the laws and the running of our countries.  Consequently, I was drawn to your book on multiculturalism…. This led me to your ministry site.  What a welcome eye-opener and blessing.  God is always good and always blessing his people but sometimes we see his help “writ large”.  It was one of those moments.
Naturally, I devoured much on the Roman institution.  For the first time, I was made aware of how it has been so deeply involved in/directing politics throughout the world and in history.  I could see the direct link, through the Jesuits to the secret societies, to their very beginnings.  At last I’d found not only a minister who was prepared to say [and] who could show how [the pope of Rome has] always been THE antichrist.  Yes, there are some ministers who do declare him to be the antichrist but I’ve not come across any (in my limited experience) who also hold to the sovereign grace doctrines and not to pre- or post-millennium viewpoints.  You were able to show his working through history, within so many countries, globally and as to how he has always been and still is Satan’s primary tool in trying to bring down God.  Well, for me it has been a joy to read your papers and I’m very grateful to you… and above all to God.  It also makes me very prayerful for my children and grandchildren.  God, however, is still on his throne, Christ has won the victory.

As to Africa.  Australia tends to be far more “looking out” than the US, perhaps because of our longtime cultural cringe attitude.  Consequently, we do get quite a bit of African news and we were taught African history, albeit from an entirely British historical viewpoint.  From your papers, now I can see how we have swallowed the whole apartheid propaganda and are totally unaware of the political destruction of the African countries and the consequent or simultaneous creep of Islam…. We all, really, are victims of the relentless propaganda of the wolf in sheep’s clothing.

I had learnt about the evil of Rwanda but not at all from the perspective of how implicit the Roman institution was within it…

The concept of liberation theology and how Romanism and Communism is so linked at present has been a welcome relief.  Relief?  Strange to say that about something so evil but to learn how the Romish institution has deliberately concocted this idea to further its global agenda has been to finally find some lost pieces to a puzzle.  I couldn’t see how the secret societies linked to Rome and I didn’t understand at all about the political/Roman link, nor the Communist/Islamic link in South America and Africa respectively…

Your clarity of thought and precision of historical information and your zeal to disseminate these thoughts is a wonderful gift in this present world.  Sadly, as you also thoroughly point out, the rise of Charismatic, New Age and just plain non-churches is rife.  Alongside that, Reformed churches and those with the privilege of the doctrines of grace and Protestant truths are either too distracted by fighting to stay alive or have imbibed doctrines that are more to do with “building up from within” by seeking large families…

Your site has been like fresh waters flowing on a parched, wrinkled land.  It has been wonderful to find papers written from a true Christian, Protestant perspective but with a global, historical viewpoint, seemingly thoroughly researched, prayerfully considered, disseminated with a fierce zeal for God’s people to have knowledge and above all, for no personal glory but to encourage people to earnestly seek salvation from God, through Christ alone.  That is rare today.

We seem to have found you quite late, too.  We notice many posts dating back to 2004 and 2006.  This makes us realise that you must have clearly seen much of this for a long time…. You must have seen such a decline since then and the world, as a whole, goes on with no more understanding than before.  It must, at times, be disheartening….  But for what little it is worth, we have heard you and will continue to pray for God’s sustaining power.

Praise God that he has given you the insights and understandings that He has and that we have the Net (so awful in some hands) as a tool to spread the Gospel to such a needy world.

We are looking forward to your books and to continue reading your welcome site.