March 2013

What you do not comprehend ought to move you to studies and prayers for insight and revelation, not destructive criticism [after reading the article The Rat(zinger) Abandons His Ship].  The Catholic Church has Christ as her founder and since then He is with the only church He has founded and promised to be with her till the end of time.

Why are you worried over issues that do not concern you… that is pure jealousy and it is sinful.  Beware of what you say about this Church – HOLY ROMAN CATHOLIC CHURCH – or the wrath of God will fall on you.

                                                                                                                         Country unknown (email)

A quick note to say I saw your article on Ratzinger [The Rat(zinger) Abandons His Ship]…. It appears that you did a major amount of work in comprising such an account in so brief a time.  You have such a grasp of the subject that few others obtain and I just think it is the fruits of all your study over the years… all the hard work that few are aware of but that gives glory to God.

                                                                                                                                              United States

…excellent article on the current Pope leaving the seat of Anti-Christ while still alive [The Rat(zinger) Abandons His Ship].  Your first few points were on the areas I expected and written without overly stating it as fact but WOW – I did not know about the false prophecies – the history about it.  Truly taking the step fits within this Pope’s background as well as with the Jesuits’ plans to always have non-Catholics that claim to be Christian caught up in their false last days lies and make them look stupid and foolish to the world.

Truly got a lot out of the extremely well written article.

                                                                                                                                              United States

I am listening to your expositions on the Book of Revelation and I am finding them so instructive.  I have always found it a difficult book to understand but when you explain it, it seems so simple and precise – the unfolding of the Lord’s will and in such minute detail!  How wonderful that the Lord is in control and has ordered everything and will continue to do so until the end of time.

Oh to be one of that favoured few – a sinner saved by grace.

O may my blood-washed soul be found

Among that favoured band!

And I, with them, thy praise will sound

Throughout Immanuel’s land.

We are looking forward to the next chapter when you have finished preaching it!  May the Lord continue to uphold and help you in all your labours.


I found your article re: the Pope’s resignation [The Rat(zinger) Abandons His Ship] to be fascinating and very well researched.  You definitely did your homework (as always); and you presented a possible explanation for the Pope’s sudden and shocking resignation that many of us had not even known or thought about before.

                                                                                                                                              United States

Praise God for your writings and labours.


Thank you so much for your excellent article regarding the “popes” (white and black) [A Jesuit Becomes the Pope of Rome].  We have sent this on to many folk in Australia.  May the Lord continue to bless and encourage you.


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