March 2013

Enjoyed very much your article on our Communist take-over [America: Communism Triumphant].  It’s excellent!!  How can anyone doubt that what you wrote is true?  No one who thinks critically or just looks around them could think otherwise.  We have most certainly completely fallen to the Marxist/Communists.  I recently heard a brief bit from an interview of a former KJB agent.  Everything he described as to a Communist takeover of a country has or is happening here.  I wonder if he’s the same man you refer to in your article.  As you said, we are all in a terrible situation.  Yes, that such a wicked man could be re-elected is astonishing.  But you’re right, the elections are a fraud anyway.  Who knows if he was elected by actual votes or by fraud.  Obama will probably get his “civilian army” going now and have them go after their perceived enemies.

I recently heard about a “ministry” (makes you ill to call it that) called “XXX Ministry”.  They “minister” to hookers in brothels by fixing up their dens of iniquity.  They don’t even share the Gospel with them.  They don’t know it so I guess it’s to be expected.  Anyway, they are currently going around the country with a male porn star so that he can share his testimony of his “relationship with God” with so-called churches.  He plays “Amazing Grace” on his harmonica as well.  Can the Lord’s judgment on this country be too severe?  What a disgusting mess this place is….and the supposed “church” here is a vile abomination.

I watched a story on the “Right to Die” movement in this country recently and was sickened more than I thought I would be.  We know it’s sinful, but the absolute creepiness of it was astounding.  I know a lot of these people are deluded into thinking they are showing mercy and kindness to those who want to end their own lives, but of course, we know they are accomplices to murder.  As if being in pain or having a terrible disease gives you the right to end your own life; or help someone do it.  And who is the arbiter of how much pain is enough to justify killing yourself?  Satan has thought of every evil way to destroy the human race imaginable.  It was a shocking thing to watch and so sad.

                                                                                                                                              United States

I thank you so very much for telling the truth about this satanic organization, that presents herself as a Christian church, thank you so much from the bottom of my heart.

                                                                                                                         Country unknown (email)

(Sent by a concerned reader to people on his own email list)

In our quest for religious and political freedom here in the U.S. it is at least at times that we forget there are others in other parts of the world who are also striving against oppressive bigots who go to great extremes, including murder, in order to force their degrading and oppressive standards on others.  I strongly recommend everyone to apply for the free emails from Shaun Willcock who lives in South Africa and is fighting strongly against standards that are dehumanizing and being forced on the population of South Africa in order for the communists in power to live lavishly.  What we see taking place in South Africa on a large scale, is of similar stature to what is politically being attempted to put into place here in the U.S.  May we also remember him in our thoughts and prayers.

            United States

Thank you for sending this [Snippets from South Africa January 2013].  It is truly horrific!  We believe that Rome is “using” South Africa as a “test” case for world dominance and to bring in “Rarum Nararum” (Rome’s re-distribution of wealth).  God bless you.


We appreciate the encouraging words and prayers.  It seems that as believers we are all continually entering new trials and exiting old ones.  I longingly look forward to the Lord’s return.  We listened to your How to Know God’s Will sermon and it truly was a blessing.  It spoke right to our hearts and confirmed the path we are currently taking.  The scriptures about material gain were exactly what I needed to hear.

Don’t be weary or ever lose heart in doing what you’re doing considering the Lord is using the gift he has given you to teach and encourage the brethren!  We thank the Lord for you and pray for his blessings to be upon all of you.

                                                                                                                                              United States

I do think your ministry is very important and you certainly opened my eyes…. Keep going Shaun, your message is so different from the average worldly wolves in sheep’s clothing who are leading the flock astray.  I know, I was one of that flock until I… had your booklet dumped in my lap, to my absolute horror (The Pagan Festivals of Christmas and Easter).  Then I went through the millennial Methodist Conference which was a revealing experience which I would probably not have discerned had you not got hold of my mind first.  So believe me, your CD’s, booklets, pamphlets etc. are invaluable and God has somebody, like me, waiting out there in the wings for your ministry to touch and turn….  You are blessed and you are also a blessing to others.


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