March 2013

I thought it would be courteous and encouraging to tell you I gave out about 50 copies of your Hindu tract [Reincarnation or Resurrection?] yesterday during open air preaching I did at the Diwali festival in Trafalgar Square [London].  Interestingly, at least one Muslim and three Sikhs took the leaflet, as well as westerners.  Thank you for your labours in writing the leaflet.
I would value your prayers regarding church membership.  I am in regular attendance at – , but not a member.  I greatly appreciate the ministry there, and the evangelistic fervour, but I have reservations about a number of things, one of the biggest being their move away from reformed doctrine regarding the papacy as the Antichrist.  There are one or two other fellowships that do believe the papacy is the Antichrist but they fall short either on baptism (I hold to believers’ baptism) or they seem to lack evangelistic fervour, or I am greatly disillusioned by their unrepentant toleration of a minister involved at the highest levels of the masonic “Secret Orders”.
Am I being too demanding/unrealistic?


(In Reply):

Regarding church membership, I can fully appreciate the problem you have….  I firmly believe that for church membership, one should be in full agreement with the church’s doctrine and practice.  Otherwise problems will always develop later on.  For this reason I can say without hesitation that even if that issue of the Papacy was the only difference I had with a local church, it would prevent me from having membership in that church.  Likewise with believers’ baptism, etc.  These are important issues.  As for a church having a pastor in masonry, that is just shocking and should disqualify the man from the ministry in itself.

Therefore, in an answer to your question, no I do not believe you are being too demanding or unrealistic.  Church membership is a solemn matter, and the members of a local church need to be in agreement with the church’s confession of faith in both doctrine and practice. – Shaun Willcock

Thank you for sharing this [article] with me [America: Communism Triumphant], I appreciate it and am going to share it with others too.

                                                                                                                                                South Africa

Thank you so much for your report [America: Communism Triumphant].  I have only gotten halfway through it, and from what I’ve read (so far) I can say that it is brilliant in its analysis and chilling in its truth.  Yet so many Americans are absolutely clueless as to what is happening in the world (especially in the US).

                                                                                                                                              United States

Thanks so much for the excellent article on American Communism [America: Communism Triumphant].  You summed it up so well by simply showing how the Vatican uses Communism, Communism uses Islam and because the American mind has been so bent through the media and music that we were simply sheep led to slaughter.  How true that we have a pretty good fear of Muslims but Islam is used by Rome as a diversion while the cause of Rome is infiltrated into the American Culture.  I would think that the [U.S.] “conservative movement” mentioned by [Romanian defector] Pacepa is backed by Rome as well pretty much because we lost our freedoms under Bush just as fast and I don’t think Romney ever said he would reverse that, or his Catholic Vice President.  I appreciate all the effort you put into the article.  It was very well written.

                                                                                                                                              United States

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