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Thank you for emailing letters and emails to Bible Based Ministries.  They are very enlightening.  I was struck by the third entry [i.e. in our previous Postbox and InboxS.W.] regarding Roman Catholicism.  As an escapee from Rome (praise the LORD!) I agree wholeheartedly with your reply to the unsigned letter.  The writer cannot have any idea about what Roman Catholicism teaches.  It is a “brainwashing” evil scheme from the womb to the tomb, straight from the pit of hell…

I agree with another writer who says that your book Satan’s Seat is the best exposé of Roman Catholicism.  Well done, and keep up the good work…

United Kingdom

I have a question regarding the Doctrines of Grace.  In Luke 15, we find the parable of the prodigal son.  It speaks about a sinner’s repentance, but wouldn’t it according to Calvinism, not be the son that returns to the father by his own will, but rather the father searching for him?

Country unknown (via email)

(Our Reply)

You are correct in understanding that the Lord seeks and finds the elect who are lost. But remember that a parable may not cover every aspect of every doctrine it serves to illustrate.  Parables, being stories taken from everyday life and events, are extremely powerful in illustrating deep spiritual things; but allowance must still be made for the fact that no single parable will adequately cover or explain all aspects of the truth it is teaching.  In the parable of the Prodigal Son, the son returns to the father, but we don’t read of the father going out and seeking the lost son.  This is because this is not what the Lord Jesus was seeking to teach with this parable, but rather other aspects of truth.  The doctrines of grace are plainly set forth throughout God’s Word, in all their different aspects; and then partially illustrated by parables, etc.  The same is true of various other doctrines which are taught in the parables as well. – Shaun Willcock

I’m on chapter 7 of [your sermon series on] Revelation and loving it!  To have this wonderful book properly expounded is such a blessing…

Again, we were blessed to read your latest letters [the previous Postbox and Inbox]. The last one was great!  We are so happy you do that.  I think I tell you this each time you send them out: it is such a blessing to be reminded that there are fellow believers all over the world.  It fills you with the joy of the Lord.

United States

These [our previous Postbox and Inbox letters article] are so wonderful to read, and God is reaching so many by your ministry!

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