March 2007

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I am not surprised that various magazines are not interested in a work such as this. When it comes to Christian matters, the vast majority are only interested in the “megachurch” preachers of the Pentecostal/Charismatic persuasion, with their claims of “healing” and “miracles”, and are not interested in what the Bible really teaches. Alternatively, they are interested in the “political priests” from the Roman Catholic, Anglican, Methodist or similar institutions, who preach “liberation theology” instead of a spiritual message of salvation from sin by faith in Jesus Christ. These are the things which are attractive to the world.
As for my preaching and articles hurting the SA tourism industry, I think that is giving too much credit to this comparatively small ministry!… But even if it really was the case… I cannot on that account fail to tell the truth about the situation in South Africa. The world has been misled and blinded to the reality that is the “New South Africa”, and the truth needs to be told. This is a deeply-troubled country, one of the most violent on earth, crime is out of control, the government is failing in its duty of protecting both citizens and visitors, there is a low-level genocide of the white farmers, women are not safe anywhere, children are not safe anywhere, and the country is rapidly following the rest of Africa into Socialist chaos. People in the rest of the world are constantly being told that SA is a “miracle”, a paradise on earth, a free and democratic country. These are lies that need to be exposed. The tourists can come for a few weeks or so, stay in luxury hotels, see the tourist highlights, and then return home; but those who live in SA have to face the stark reality of life here, day by day and year by year. The truth must be told.
I myself encourage visitors to come to SA, provided they take very careful precautions, and that they come with their eyes wide open. It is one thing to come and appreciate the immense beauty of this country, its different cultures and its history; but it is quite another thing to come thinking that all is well here, that SA is a country making progress, or that its government is a “government of and for the people”, with their best interests at heart. Foreign visitors should not be blind to the shocking problems that are rife in SA, and which are not the so-called “legacy of apartheid” as we are constantly being told, but rather the results of an ideology that has brought ruin to most of Africa and to vast sections of the entire world. It is a good thing when foreign tourists visit our shores; but we cannot sugar-coat the situation here, just for them. Far better that they know the truth.

Shaun Willcock

I just have a simple question: The South African government’s economic policy is generally regarded as one of the most forwardly thinking capitalist policies in the world at the moment. How do you qualify your statement that the South African government is communist? This is a straightforward academic question with reference to economic governance.

Email origin uncertain – possibly South Africa

In reply:
You said that the SA government’s economic policy “is generally regarded as one of the most forwardly thinking capitalist policies in the world at the moment.” However, that would depend on who regards it as such. Generally regarded as such by whom? Economists would differ greatly on this.
But be that as it may, the South African government, like various other Communist governments around the world in recent times, has accepted that the old-style Communist economic policies simply do not work, and has accordingly modified its economic policies to reflect this to some extent. There are Communist governments which continue to follow the old-style policies, such as Zimbabwe and Cuba and North Korea, and there are others which have ealized that in the modern world that old approach is simply not good enough. This does not mean they have creased to be Communist, it simply means that in economic matters, they have seen the necessity of adopting a Capitalistic approach to some extent.
Communism is far, far more than an economic model.

Shaun Willcock

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