March 2007

I just read today about a mega church here that boasted of 800 people getting “saved” recently at one of their services. They didn’t even have them go through the usual antics of raising their hands or coming forward. Instead, they had them come forward to sign a Da Vinci painting of the Last Supper! It’s just getting more bizarre.
[We] are seeing more and more how knowing the truth about the doctrines of Grace enables you to see more and more truth on different topics. It really is amazing how this crucial doctrine is such a foundation for everything in God’s Word. It’s so exciting! We just started your series on the blasphemy against the Holy Spirit and just finished up the one on daily private prayer. The Lord was dealing with us on this. Although we spend much time in His Word etc., we weren’t setting aside time in private prayer consistently like we should. Your preaching on the subject was used by the Holy Spirit to convict and educate us. Praise His name!

United States

I want to tell you what a wonderful blessing your newsletter which arrived yesterday is to us. The minute I read your definition of the “Historicist” system of biblical prophetic interpretation I knew that it was the truth we had been looking for down through the years. Being involved… in Pentecostalism, we of course were brainwashed by the “Futurist” version of things but as the year went by it seemed to leave a lot to be desired and if was of course very obvious that the “Praeterist” teaching was a non runner….
—– has not read your newsletter yet but I will be very surprised if he does not agree with what you are saying and will be thanking God for you and your writing just as I have been since it first dropped in the door.
…. we will be sending for your tapes on the book of Daniel and on the Covenants and are looking forward very much to listening to them and I believe learning a lot from them. We have taken in so much wrong teaching in this regard down through the years that it will be of great blessing to get things sorted out once and for all with God’s help…
By the way, back to the “Futurist” system: some years back we got a copy of a book on the life of Scofield. Was he some operator and how anyone could accept anything of what he said as being from God in view of the way he was living is beyond me, but then the trouble is that most of them hold him in such high esteem that they would not think of investigating him on the grounds I presume of “touch not the Lord’s anointed”. Again but for the grace of God.

Republic of Ireland

In our own country we have seen over the years how the Presbyterian Church has gone down the road of Ecumenism with Rome and is now in a much weakened state. My family, after God’s leading, left the Presbyterian Church over 5 years ago and joined —– Free Presbyterian Church. In our time here we have had the privilege of hearing you speak on the problems and battles you yourself have and are experiencing in South Africa. I have read your book, “Holy War” Against South Africa, and can clearly remember you saying that night that our own little country was going the same way as South Africa and that soon we would have terrorists in government. Unfortunately, unless God intervenes, this now looks like a real possibility.

Northern Ireland

Your article on Sodomy and the Roman Catholic Church has been sent out to all members of —— in our last mailing – along with all your website/address details…
These contacts are so valuable in this day and age when we can feel somewhat isolated – and is an encouragement to our members to read/hear of likeminded people elsewhere as, I trust, it is an encouragement to you.


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