March 2007

We praise the Lord, our great Provider, for the way He provided for all your recent specific needs. May it please Him to continue to do so and to bless your ministry to the souls of many people…
I am really looking forward to the Revelation sermons. The tapes you mentioned in your newsletter have been a tremendous blessing to me and have helped to clear many misunderstandings…

South Africa

I just wanted to tell you what a blessing your book on Christmas and Easter was to me and my husband. We also read a variety of other tracts written by you (one by John Bunyan) and they were wonderful as well. We plan on ordering many more… It is a blessing that people such as yourselves are out there providing such wonderful Biblical teaching that can easily be passed on to others. I have done so myself. My husband and I don’t feel so “alone” in the world knowing there are other believers such as yourselves contending for the faith.

United States

I have just finished reading Bible Based Ministries magazine No. 104 and I am very thankful for it. When I was saved I was given a Scofield Bible and I sat under a dispensationalist ministry for many years, struggling to understand it. God, by His grace gave me the courage to say that I didn’t believe it and to “come out from among them”. Shaun Willcock explains very clearly how it all came about.
Looking on the website at the catalogue I feel I would like a copy of everything!


Many thanks for all the research into this man [C.S. Lewis] and his books…. it seems imperative that all Christians should know the facts and I am so glad that there is a place to go for concise info. on him and his works. To have been saved doing this ourselves and to have been saved committing errors in our family life through this is really just what we needed.


So blessed to discover your website today. Great truth resides there. May God keep you true and strong in fervor.
I am particularly interested in how I may obtain a copy of your article from “Drawing Aside the Purple Curtain”: The Chronicles of Narnia: Occult Fantasy of a Closet Roman Catholic…. I have one or two other excellent expose’s on C.S. Lewis in my possession, pulled from other sources, but would very much welcome the addition of your article to share with others. It is so well written, and thorough.

United States

We just watched “Faith Like Potatoes” tonight after having it recommended by people in our Baptist church where I have recently become pastor. Then we found your review on the Web, and you expressed our sentiments exactly! Thank you for your faithfulness to the truth and call for discernment.

South Africa

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