March 2006

…Thanks for this article [“The Chronicles of Narnia”: Occult Fantasy of a Closet Roman Catholic], it will be useful to equip and to pass on to others seasonably now the film is on our doorsteps.

South Africa

Hi. Your report on C. S. Lewis is excellent. Well researched and very timely. The Lord bless.

United States

… The last couple of days I was thinking of doing something on Narnia in view of the upcoming films and all the publicity. It’s akin to all that [Rick] Warren is getting and that Dan Brown’s Da Vinci film later this year can assuredly expect. Now I have read you’re the Chronicles of Narnia, kindly emailed on to me by —. This serves the purpose perfectly and I need write nothing. I write therefore to ask you if you will allow me to print and publish say thirty copies…

United Kingdom

It is good to see sound material getting out to counteract the tide of falsehood that circulates so freely. I have for years wondered why it is that C. S. Lewis is so valued as a “Christian” writer!!! I have a little collection of articles filed away on his true nature! I now store your valuable reports in a special file on the computer, they are easy to send to others.

United Kingdom

… I actually came across your ministry when someone (can’t remember who) sent me a link for your C. S. Lewis report. I then spent over an hour at the site and printed page after page, it was a delight. As an ex-Rhodesian now living in the UK I was particularly encouraged to see there really is still “a remnant” who will speak the truth whether biblically, politically or socially. Keep it up.

United Kingdom

I am so pleased with the wonderful tapes on Daniel, GREAT! – just what we believe ourselves. It breaks my heart to see people so led astray by false interpretations. It would be just WONDERFUL if these messages were to get into print, in the Lord’s will…. I am making five duplicate sets to give away.

United Kingdom

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