March 2006

I have just finished your book “Holy War” Against South Africa. This book has impressed me as one of the most worthy that I have read in years. Not only was the history lesson valuable, but the in-depth analogy of the events which took place has been instrumental in the further understanding of the spiritual warfare in my own country.
This book will come highly recommended by myself to many I trust will put the information to good use. I also was very encouraged with your balanced and biblical approach regarding submissive obedience to civil authority, and yet holding to spiritual obedience without excuse. It seems to be a clouded issue in America while we still hold many of our freedoms. The pride among those enthralled with battle is often nauseating, seemingly unwilling to realize only the grace and mercy of God continues to grant precious time for repentance before our own time of fall comes. When the Lord pours His wrath upon this nation as He has done yours many of those who flaunt their rebellion will also forsake their Lord.
Your book also gave testimony of the vast variables of wickedness, which all unite in pursuit of the destruction of the pure church. She truly stands alone in this world, with only her Lord as protector and provider. To align one’s self with any perversion in hopes of prosperity is truly a fool’s hope.
Your efforts and labors in writing this book will, I am convinced bring glory to our heavenly Father, and His kingdom. Thank you for your steadfast efforts and uncompromising ministry…. You cannot know how many times through my own trials and struggles my thoughts go to you and the encouragement you have given. Know that you, and your ministry remain in my prayers constantly….
We have three men coming from Northern Ireland, to speak of the persecution from the IRA…. Your book again, was instrumental in drawing the conclusion of a worldwide network of terrorism, including the IRA, being taken advantage of by the Roman Church. As I will give the introduction for the men, I will be promoting your book as an excellent resource for an indepth understanding of the complex enemy that the Body of Christ faces around the world.
May the Lord continue to bless you, your family, and those under your care.

United States

… Please continue to keep us updated, concerning the political climate, the spiritual warfare, and the victories that you will undoubtedly realize in the future. The Lord has seen fit to lead you into the midst of an overwhelming storm, may we enthusiastically look forward to the benefits, as they materialize in the Lord’s perfect time. May the grace of God supply your every need during this day of trial, and may you continue to be a source of strength for so many.

United States

…Being forced to rest I took the opportunity to read through “Holy War” Against South Africa…. May the Lord open many eyes through that book and may His Name be glorified by it! Thank you for all the hard work and THANKS TO THE LORD for allowing it to be published. It is as though the people in this country are paralysed and just too indifferent to be moved by what has happened and by what is still happening in our country. It is like frogs in a pot of water being heated very slowly….
I can just praise the Lord for opening my eyes. I knew it [Roman Catholicism] was bad but not to the extent that you have shown through your tapes and magazines. I pray very often that the LORD will bless this work. I pray much for your protection in these evil days and for all that you need!…
I have just finished reading through your magazine No. 101, again. Every time I realise how urgent this matter of religious freedom is (or the lack of it)…. I would appreciate it if you could send me 10 printed copies of the full article…. May the Lord bless all your efforts! Thank you for all the articles I have received. I was able to send them to quite a number of people…. May you be assured that your work is reaping a harvest, even though you may not be aware of it. May that encourage you!

South Africa