June 2014

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Our purpose in publishing a sampling of the correspondence we have received, in the words of Arthur W. Pink:

"…the time has again arrived for us to indicate to our loyal supporters before the Throne of Grace something of the manner and extent to which the Hearer of prayer has been pleased to grant their requests.
Our object in compiling this feature is to evoke praise and thanksgiving on the part of those who are most deeply interested in this work, by quoting excerpts from some of the letters at hand telling of help and blessing received, under God
Our purpose is to evoke praise unto the Lord, that in this cloudy and dark day He is still ministering to His own, giving seed to the Sower, and then blessing the same unto the eater. We know not why the mighty God should condescend to use one so feeble and unworthy; sufficient for us that He is pleased to do so. Our longing is to be used more widely, in sending portions to a large number of Christ's scattered and hungry sheep. Will you not pray more definitely, dear reader, that this may be so; and that God will graciously fit and furnish the writer."

Spot-on report [our pamphlet Bible Prophecy Speaks of Popery] which I've passed along to a few of God's preachers of righteousness along with a number of brethren in Christ.

Country unknown (by email)

Yes I know you are right [our pamphlet Bible Prophecy Speaks of Popery].  Little is published or read about this subject.  And understanding is very superficial…. Anyway thanks for the mail…. Helps to keep us awake.


We will have a seminar, God willing, next month.  It will be about Bible translations.  We started with the King James Version but today we are flooded with different versions that omit many words from the Bible.  We are also planning to conduct a seminar about Roman Catholicism to inform and strengthen the believers’ faith in God and his Word.  Many here, even myself, were convinced of Mr. Alberto [Rivera’s] story.  It was only from your website that I read an article about [exposing] him [our article entitled The Truth About Alberto Rivera].  Thank you.


Thank you for this information! [our pamphlet The Green Goddess: Radical Environmentalism and “Mother Earth” Idolatry].  I live in the Western Cape, South Africa, and there are many who view the earth as “sacred”.  This will help immensely.

South Africa

For a long, long time I have pondered as to where the balance is between those things advocated and broadcast and practiced and attempted, [being] dictatorial to others to do the same as they, of the radical “environmentalists” and those who moderately approach common horse-sense to their living and relationship naturally to their surroundings.  In [the pamphlet The Green Goddess: Radical Environmentalism and “Mother Earth” Idolatry] Shaun Willcock strikes the true balance. It is disgusting to see those of the ilk of former [U.S.] vice-president Al Gore who run to extremes in lies and misleading puffings of grandiose surmisings simply for the profit in huge chunks of money about exaggerated environmental issues.  Without doubt, if Al Gore and all of those who buy in to such nonsense that they broadcast on “devastating” environment issues had the money incentive (I’m speaking of millions of $$$$$$$) taken away they would fade into the woodwork never to return unless another scheme arose in which they could again reap $$$$$$$$$.  Al Gore and those of his ilk are hypocrites: they loudly scream about their form of goodness that they say must be practiced by all others; but if one simply looks at the massive waste of resources done by Al Gore and his comrades they would in all honesty see Al Gore as he really is.  Not only is Al Gore a wolf in sheep’s clothing on environmental issues, he is two-faced in other matters of his life: look at who he sold his communications business to.

When will those in the U.S. who advocate Aborticide  (murder of the child in the womb) look at their approval of killing innocent babies, turn away and have a deep respect for human life, rather than accept such murderous actions as a portion of their scheme to “save the environment from overcrowding of humans”?

United States

Excellent and detailed analysis [The Green Goddess] that exposes the radical environmentalist agenda, and a balanced Christian view on conservation.

United States

Thanks for writing this pamphlet [The Green Goddess] – it comes at a much-needed point as I’m doing a lot of research into all of this…. As I’m sure you’re aware, this battleground like any other is an all-out war.  If you speak out against it the opposition will try anything to discredit you and make you go away, but that doesn’t change our witness.  Unfortunately it is something that as an engineer will be very troublesome over my career and so it’s good I get my answers right now!


I enjoyed all your posted comments from many variations and beliefs, but it is sad some want to condemn without knowledge of what you are doing and what you stand for in the true doctrine of Christ Jesus.

 United States

At last the real Kenneth Copeland is revealed! [our article Copeland in Popeland]. Charismatic/Pentecostal ministries are many in the Philippines…. Here, we are telling Charismatics about the gospel of salvation and thank God for the few who have responded to God’s call!


In this writing [Copeland in Popeland] by Shaun Willcock he sets in order and perspective the things dealing in today’s setting concerning the wolves colluding to enter into the sheep pen for deception and, if possible, devouring (bring everyone into their goat pen that they can delude).

One of the highest commonalities of those like Kenneth Copeland and the pope of Rome is that they are both freewillers, that is, humanists who believe it is all up to humans to bring about their own “spiritualization” and “be born again” by their own power.  With that great commonality it is a small step for Kenneth Copeland to embrace the pope.

After reading [the article] I tried to think of other descriptive terms… to describe Kenneth Copeland, but… [Shaun Willcock] has effectively brought to light the truth about Kenneth Copeland and his minions, and left nothing unsaid.

In case anyone has not grasped the malicious thinking and concerted plan by the pope and his blood-thirsty, money grubbing, politician helpers, a.k.a priests and cardinals and members, it ought to be well-known about their malicious method and thinking.  Basically… the pope propagandizes, falsely so, that he is the sole head of all things here on earth as God’s vicar.  Such delusion “supposedly” then places all that exists, including human life, in the possession of the pope and at his discretion as to what type “force” he will use in order to bring all human life and all countries on earth under his direct and immediate control.  With this in mind everyone ought to study the history of the Roman organization…. Such history is fraught with millions of gallons of the blood of innocent individuals, when their sole charge was that they did not believe in the pope or the Roman organization.  Even in WWII the pope embraced the actions of Hitler mainly because Hitler wanted to annihilate the Jews simply because they were Jews…. Toward the end of WWII the pope and Roman organization jumped ship, away from the embrace of Hitler when it was obvious that Hitler would not win WWII. Thus we see that the pope and Roman organization will change their spots any time it is convenient to their purpose of trying to conquer the whole world.

United States

May there be much fruit on all your work and may those who belong to the Lord be drawn ever closer to Him by these wonderful [CD] messages full of hope and comfort for the believer…. Thanks again for all your hard work especially in this age of deception.  Thank you for all that I have learnt from you.  It is very precious.

South Africa

Many thanks for this very “illuminating” article [Ukraine, Russia, the US/EU: What’s Going On?]…

Northern Ireland

VERY informative indeed [Ukraine, Russia, the US/EU: What’s Going On?]…


I just wanted to say thanks for sending the article on Ukraine.  As usual, you sorted through a difficult subject and wrote well.  It answered almost all of my questions and made me feel better about my own suspicions of the West somehow being involved.  Thanks for taking the time to write such a nice article.

United States

Thank you for the update on Ukraine!  I learned a lot!  Appreciate your ministry!

United States

Sadly, the “evangelical church” are so blind to the Vatican, even the “good” ones…. Thank you for this article [Ukraine, Russia, the US/EU: What’s Going On?]!


Your book on South Africa (“Holy War” Against South Africa) is outstanding.  Really have enjoyed reading it.  Fascinating!  Thank you for all the information!  Very little news that’s trustworthy is available here!  Thanks again.

United States

The Samson book arrived today [The Life and Ministry of Samson the Strong].  Thanks so much.  Especially delightful are the colour photographs and lithographs.


I was a bit surprised to read the article slandering the late Albert Rivera [The Truth about Alberto Rivera] which has been written by those purporting to know the truth.  You have probably picked up, as I did, the lack of objective “sins” that Alberto supposedly committed, and the subjective nature of their disclaiming him as a “genuine Christian”.  Of course the man is not here to defend himself, but while he was alive I too, saw and heard him speak in Melbourne.  My estimation of him, which has to be of equal validity to Willcock’s and Livesey’s, is of a man willing to lose his life for the Lord's sake and that of the Gospel.

Willcock is rather foolish to repeat grievances about money from unsubstantiated claims and he is certainly not to be considered “an authority on cancer” in his rejection of the widely reported poisoning of Alberto.

Anyone who has been in charge of stewarding mission funds (as I have been) knows full well the misunderstandings that people can come to simply because of the problem of logistics and communication, especially in the face of a busy travel programme.

The Roman Catholic institution has worked hard to discredit his claims and yet there are clear photographs of Rivera's security card and work-place activities in every copy of the magazines or “comics.”  Perhaps those who wish to warn the ungodly about the hazards of Rome should spend their time more judiciously.


(Our Reply)

Greetings, and thank you for your email.  I will just make a few brief points in reply to your email.  I say brief points, because the documented evidence of Rivera’s wickedness is available, and I cannot spend time rehashing it here.

1. What I wrote was not slander of Rivera.  It was the truth.  Unfortunately those who like to support him have a long reputation of doing so contrary to a wealth of evidence that has stacked up over the years demonstrating that he was a very different man from the public image he liked to convey.

2. You say he is no longer here to defend himself, but when I wrote those articles he was alive.

3. The article mentions the sins Rivera committed, and the documented evidence of them; which we even have available as a “documentation package” for those wishing to pursue this.  So to say that what I wrote was “subjective” is incorrect.

4. You say your estimation of him must have equal validity to mine or Roy Livesey’s; but this too is most incorrect.  You heard him speak; but Roy Livesey and I knew him personally.  I spent three weeks with him, in his home and in his headquarters, and thereafter was in communication with him for a number of years.  This personal knowledge of the man is far different from that obtained by merely “hearing him speak”, as you did.

5. You say the grievances about money came from “unsubstantiated claims”.  Again, the documentation is available for those willing to examine it.  It was compiled by Donald Blanton, a man who had been a member of Rivera’s church and intimately acquainted with his actions.

6. I never claimed to be an “authority on cancer”; you put words in my mouth.  But there is absolutely no evidence that Rivera was poisoned. None. Nothing.

7. The photographs of Rivera actually prove nothing.  These were not at all as difficult to obtain as Rivera liked to make out.  He was never a priest; and all of this was documented by Roy Livesey.  God willing, we will be publishing more about Rivera, written by Livesey after his extensive research into the activities of this clever con-man.

You wrote your email from a position of no knowledge, and merely from the desire to defend Rivera. You would do well to examine the evidence and not merely defend a man because you “saw and heard him speak”.  If discovering whether a man was a true servant of Christ or not was as easy as hearing him preach a couple of times, the task would be a piece of cake!  The evidence is available, from various sources over many years; I suggest you examine it carefully before rushing into print to defend a liar and deceiver.

– Shaun Willcock

I read through your Postbox and Inbox February 2014 … and felt very encouraged from what you put there….  I can literally count on the fingers of one hand how many young people my age I know who are (or at least give a good profession to be) believers.  That’s why your website and ministry is so wonderful and important – it brings people together from all over the world and allows them to be edified.  Thank you very much again for all you do!  I give praise to the Lord for all He does in your ministry.

I see you got some “vitriolic” emails about the Nelson Mandela articles too: well, I can only say I’m not surprised, this is a very hot topic and literally everyone believes the media lies.  The problem with all the complaints is that the person obviously didn’t bother to carefully read your articles, or do their own research, all they saw was the attack on their idol and so fought back.  It’s interesting that all they can do is an ad hominem attack on you personally rather than deal with the facts.  Typical.


Thank you for continuing to send your articles, which I am finding to be a continuing source of edification and blessing.  I found your recent articles [on] Nelson Mandela, Are Some Roman Catholics Christians? and what’s going on in Ukraine very helpful indeed, thank you so much, I praise and thank The LORD.  I’ve linked to your Are Some Roman Catholics Christians? article in a recent e-mail, and forwarded the Mandela and Ukraine articles on to several others.  I’m also reading through some of your pamphlets online – the one about Hollywood [Hollywood and the Christian] is absolutely spot on regarding wicked television/film “entertainment” – and highly pertinent to one family member who professes to be a Christian but who I believe is, tragically, still yet unsaved – plus another friend whose house is like an idol temple of Hollywood DVDs, so thank you.


Wow – I have so many mixed feelings after reading your article, The Story of an African Animal Farm.  It was enjoyable to read and see how you wrote [Animal Farm] as a South African version.  It is very sad and yet through that it does correlate to life in South Africa.

The section about the government manipulating statistics to lie and tell the people how things are better is also so true here in United States.  I laugh every month and every year when government releases data on the health of the economy and jobs.  The government has been for the last 5 years telling us there’s no inflation while everyone pays more for food, gas, utilities, etc.  We are to believe life is good and the economy is strong while we have more people than ever on food stamps and government assistance.

You did an awesome job writing this article and I hope many people read it and especially in South Africa and that maybe some people wake up.  Maybe some people will understand they need to protect themselves and not look to the ANC.

United States

Your article [The Story of an African Animal Farm] is brilliant!  I love the way you juxtaposed bits from Orwell’s “Animal Farm” and explained those similarities in the context of what’s actually happening in SA.  Throughout your article, I could see so many parallels of things that are happening in the US (particularly) under this current administration.  I don’t believe that the steady creep towards communism started with the Obama administration (irrespective of how overtly evil it is).  But for sure, we’re experiencing a greater manifestation of this “Marxist messaging” (and its policies) like never before. [Your article] is excellent and so necessary.  As believers it is important that we stay tuned in to what’s happening around us.  It’s important to petition the Lord in prayer and to stay grounded in His Word and not become caught off guard – no matter the issues that surround us.

United States

Just a quick note to say that the CDs arrived intact yesterday.  We have just listened to Hezekiah [Hezekiah’s Old Testament Gospel Mission].  Thanks for such an inspiring message.  Looking forward listening to the rest of them.

South Africa

To encourage you in your labour in the Lord (1 Cor. 15:58b) I share with you a couple of comments made by others at recent forums on Sermon Audio with respect to your ministry.

It was refreshing to learn that others are being blessed by your gospel ministry and through your timely and instructive commentaries with respect to events unfolding in our day and the central role Rome plays in all these matters.  Your unrelenting and unapologetic vigilance in exposing the ongoing diabolical works of the unholy Roman Catholic “church” is most needful in our day as the majority of so-called  Christian ministers have forsaken their “first love” and  fallen prey to the false ecumenism of Rome and the devilish doctrines she espouses.  They have abandoned their watch tower and joined themselves to the “great whore” with whom they have committed spiritual adultery.  The pastors have failed in their solemn duty to warn their flocks of the dangers of Romanism, thus making them easy prey for these ravening wolves.  The censure of the prophet Isaiah is upon them: “His watchmen are blind: they are all ignorant, they are all dumb dogs, they cannot bark; sleeping, lying down, loving to slumber.”  – Is. 56:18.

The twofold testimony that you bring is especially urgent in this our day when those in the pulpit as well as those in the pews are indifferent to the gross idolatry and blasphemies of the Romish whore and have abandoned the historic interpretation of Revelation 17 and imbibed the toxic theology of cunning Jesuits who would have them believe this prophecy is yet to be fulfilled…

As a former Catholic, I find these developments especially disturbing, yet I know that in the fullness of time, the Lord will put all his enemies under his feet.  Notwithstanding that does not absolve the servant of the Lord from performing the peculiar work of his office.  We can be thankful for the few faithful watchmen like yourself that God has raised up in our day to sound the alarm in Zion.

You continue to remain very much in both our thoughts and prayers.  May the Lord be pleased to add the increase to your labours as you continue to publish His great name, proclaim His glorious truth and plead His most noble and honourable cause.  And may He be pleased as well to grant to each professing Christian fresh courage and resolve to expose the “spiritual wickedness in high places” (Eph. 6:10-20) and “fight the good fight of faith” (1 Tim. 6:12) in His strength and for His glory!

United States

The books [available from Bible Based Ministries] are very good and are well worth the cost.  Shaun Willcock… has been blessed to expose those who proclaim to believe in the “Christian” religion, but in reality they are using their profession of being a Christian to carry on socialism/Marxism.

United States

Thank you very much for a very clear statement to my previous question… I do appreciate your time and attention to that query, as so few people respond to questions nowadays.  I grew up at a time (and in a place) when people were still concerned about the well-being of others.  In this case about spiritual wellbeing.

Thank you also for the sound Reformed information in your articles. These are most encouraging.


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