June 2009

You write, “It always fails [evidently you mean “it never fails”] to amaze me how some religions spend so much time ‘bashing’ other religions”. You profess amazement at this; yet it is Popery that has spent centuries “bashing” other religions in the most unbiblical and un-Christian ways imaginable: committing torture, murder, etc. The Lord Jesus Christ spent much time exposing the errors of the Jewish religion of His day; His apostles spent much time exposing the errors of the Jewish religion and of the heathen religions of their day; and this was right. As Christ is the only way, truth and life, all other ways are false; and as they lead multitudes to hell, they must be exposed. But true Christians, following their Lord and Master, expose these false religions by showing their errors from the Word of God, the Bible. Romanism, on the other hand, has used a very different method: it has persecuted, even to death, those who have disagreed with it, or opposed it in any way. Regarding this “bashing”, then, of other religions which so shocks you: just which religion is guilty of having done the real “bashing”? Roman Catholicism.

The Bible says, “Am I therefore become your enemy, because I tell you the truth?” (Gal. 4:16). The one who tells you the truth about your eternal soul, and about Christ and His Gospel, is not your enemy; but the one who hides that truth behind lies, and moreover even kills those who dare to proclaim the truth, is your real enemy!

As for the Roman Catholic heroine, the nun Teresa, the great tragedy is that she was in utter spiritual darkness. As a faithful Roman Catholic, she was not trusting in Christ Jesus alone for salvation; she believed (like all Romanists do) that salvation was by her own “good” works, e.g. caring for the poor, and she trusted only in the false Roman Catholic “christs”, not the true Christ of God as revealed in the Bible alone: she relied on the mass-wafer “christ” of Rome, and the graven-image “christ” of Rome, and the “other-christ” priests of Rome, but not in the Lord Jesus Christ, the Son of the living God. She was not a Christian.

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